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2017 Make it the year for your Career Transition

2017 Make It the Year For Your Career Transition

How long have you been thinking of making a career transition? Days, weeks, months or maybe even years?

I know what it’s like to be sitting behind a desk and not feeling passionate about what you’re doing. Where everyday feels like the Monday blues. When you get a new assignment you can see the black cloud start to hover. When you need to scrounge for the energy and enthusiasm to respond to a pile of emails. When you have to fake liking what you do. Despite it all, you keep making excuses and saying something like this to yourself:

The thought of figuring out what to do next is too much! (overwhelm)


I just don’t know what I want to do next. (confusion)


I have too many interests and I don’t know which way to go. (indecision)


It’s not that bad here. (complacency)

You get so overwhelmed and frustrated because you just don’t know where to begin! And the cycle continues.

When you’re in this place, it’s a good time to just take one small step to create new energy, ideas, and inspiration so that you start to move towards something and break the cycle.

I’ve created a 7-step process you can do as a series or as stand alone activities. These exercises are designed to clear the fog and get you onto the road of self discovery, leading you to a clearer vision around what it is you really want to do next.

  1. Don’t/Do Want: Getting clear on what we do want is challenging. Sometimes it’s easier to start with what we don’t want. Start here and write a list of your Career “I Don’t Wants”.

  2. Career Vision Board: Create a Career specific Vision Board around your new list of Wants. New to Vision Boards? Here’s some inspiration and how-to’sjust for you!

  3. Visualize Your Ideal Future: Visualize yourself 5 years down the road living and breathing your Wants list. Experience your own guided visualization here.

  4. Your Internal Voices: Identify the internal voices holding you back. For example, you might hear yourself say, “I can’t make a career change because I’ve been doing what I’m doing forever and I don’t have any other skills”. You can transform these voices from disempowering thoughts to more empowering ones –  see step #5.

  5. Affirmations & Mantras: Create affirmations and mantras from the internal voices holding you back. Instead of “I don’t know what I want to do next” change it to “I’m confident the answer I’m looking for will come to me in perfect timing”.

  6. Exploration: Go to different Meetups and networking events that have to do with your Want List, Vision Board and Visualization. Take a course, sign up for a workshop, read books, volunteer, find a mentor, work with a coach, reignite business relationships, etc.

  7. Have fun! We tend to take ourselves very seriously when making changes in our lives. Think about how you can make your career transition fun for yourself. How can you go from “I HAVE to” to “I WANT to”!

When feeling confused, indecisive or complacent it’s easy to get paralyzed and do nothing. It doesn’t have to be like that if you are willing to take the first step.

What step are you willing to take right now towards your career transformation to step into a life of fulfillment and purpose?

Need support with career transition? My New Year—New Career Coaching Package. includes 12 1-hour sessions and motivational checkins, covers the 7-step process mentioned above, plus we’ll:

  • Determine what you’re passionate about
  • Get in touch with the big picture
  • Define your unique skills and talents
  • Create a strategy to transition, whether it’s into a new job, a new role or a new career
  • Take the fears, confusion and overwhelm out a major career change and replace it with confidence, clarity and focus.

Here’s what previous clients say:

Within 3 months, I left a dead end job and found the job if my dreams, without even knowing what it was! - Jumana M.

“I now understand my personal blocks and what makes me tick. I’m more solid than ever before about what I want next in my career!” – Stephanie K.

I just landed my dream job! Working with Kori, I realized my negative thought patterns were keeping me stuck from moving forward. She helped me clean up my inner dialogue and express more gratitude. The combo of visualization, affirmations and intention painting really works!   – Val D.

I was stuck between going back to work full time or starting my own freelancing business. The process of coaching with Kori allowed me the space to identify my values and top priorities, envision my ideal future and be more decisive. We created strategies for redirecting my guilty feelings and pushing away nay-sayer voices. I’m now thinking more positively and going for what I want! – Lauren M.

Coaching with Kori really helped me clear my mind of roadblocks and “stories” that were keeping me from achieving my goals, specifically career-wise.  She inspired me to not look at change as something to fear, but something to be excited and confident about. – Lauren K.

Regularly this package is $1800 – New Years Week Discount: $1500 (save $300)

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