Sydney's Purpose Driven Career Case Study

Sydney's Story: How Identifying Values Transformed Her Job Search and Interviews

Delve into Sydney's profound journey towards career fulfillment under the guidance of Kori Burkholder, a seasoned career coach. This narrative chronicles Sydney's transition from uncertainty to empowerment, capturing pivotal moments of self-discovery and growth. Explore how the coaching process unraveled her career dilemmas, emphasizing the transformative power of clarity, resilience, and aligning professional life with personal values.

Kori Burkholder: Hello, Purpose-Driven Career Leaders! I'm Kori Burkholder, the founder of the Purpose-Driven Career Accelerator Program. Today, I'm thrilled to bring you insights from a recent graduate, Sydney, who completed our program a few months ago. We'll dive into her career journey, her challenges, and the impactful transformation she experienced. 

Sydney: Thank you, Kori! I'm excited to share my journey.

Kori: To start, Sydney, where are you calling in from today?

Sydney: Hello, everyone! I'm joining you from my home office in the vibrant city of New York.

Kori: Excellent! It's always great to connect with professionals from different locations. Let's kick off our discussion about your career journey. We began working together around six or seven months ago. Can you share what challenges you were facing when you reached out for support?

Sydney: Absolutely, Kori. At that point, I felt unhappy in my current job and had numerous questions about my future career path. I was overwhelmed by the various options and unsure how to take the first step toward change.

Kori: Many can relate to the confusion of having multiple career paths in mind. What were your concerns about joining the coaching process during our initial conversation?

Sydney: Since I had never worked with a career coach, I had questions about the process and time commitment. Being uncertain about my career made it feel like a significant undertaking, but I was curious and excited to explore what assistance would look like.

Kori: Overcoming those initial uncertainties is crucial. How did you manage the overwhelmed feelings and decide to work together?

Sydney: I had to let go of expectations and embrace the process. It was a raw experience, considering my negative headspace at the time. However, as soon as I started, the fear melted away because I felt supported and guided within a tangible framework.

Kori: Your commitment, especially with a demanding job, is commendable. How did you handle the time constraints during the coaching process?

Sydney: I appreciated the flexibility you offered, Kori. It was crucial for me, given my demanding schedule. The one-on-one coaching sessions and group counseling were maximized, allowing me to work at my own pace.

Kori: That flexibility is essential for success. Can you recall a key moment during the initial exploration process that was an "aha" moment for you?

Sydney: Absolutely. Identifying my values was a pivotal moment. It allowed me to see how they translated into job descriptions and interviews. This clarity empowered me to ask the right questions for the first time in my career, leading to a significant shift in my approach.

Kori: Values play a crucial role in shaping a fulfilling career. How did this newfound clarity influence your job search and interviews?

Sydney: Once I identified my values, I could see what was lacking in my current role and what I needed in a new position. Approaching interviews from a self-aware perspective made a significant difference. I felt informed and grounded, and the process became collaborative with your guidance.

Kori: It's wonderful to hear that the process was collaborative and empowering. Now that you've been in your new role for several months, how has the experience been for you?

Sydney: I've been in the new role for about four and a half to five months, and I wake up every morning excited to start work. The role aligns with my values, balancing challenges and growth without overwhelming me. I feel strong, determined, and confident in my professional and authentic self.

Kori: Your transformation is inspiring. Did you gain anything surprising from the coaching process you didn't expect?

Sydney: One aspect I appreciated was ideating on different career paths. While I'm satisfied and steady in my current role, the process allowed me to keep my curiosities alive. I don't feel limited, and I'm excited about the limitless possibilities in my future.

Kori: That's a powerful perspective on ongoing growth and exploration. If you were to speak to someone on the fence about seeking career coaching, what advice would you give them?

Sydney: We don't have to navigate our careers alone. Investing in yourself and seeking support is crucial. Like seeking medical help when you're unwell, reaching out for career guidance is a wise decision. I'm grateful I invested in myself; it set me up for long-term success.

Kori: Thank you for sharing your journey, Sydney. Your story is truly inspiring. If anyone resonates with Sydney's experience and feels lost or stuck, reach out for support. Book a free 15-minute brainstorming session, and let's map out your 90-day game plan for success. Thank you for listening, and see you soon!

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