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Hi! I'm Kori Burkholder, your Purpose-Driven Career Coach and Strategist. Feeling lost? I help early & mid-career professionals land dream jobs & build thriving careers. Through coaching & proven strategies, we'll find clarity, confidence & the tools you need to succeed. Ready? Click here and learn how I can help you achieve your career goals.

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Our goal is to get you career clarity fast so you can land your dream job that's built on your favorite skills, strengths, work motivators and passions.  Services include Career Exploration, Job Search, Group Coaching, Private Coaching and Laser Coaching. 

Kori Burkholder a career transition coach for young professionals

Inspirality Creative Workshops

Bringing busy professionals together in workshop settings to tap into their creativity by using art-making as a tool to destress, dream big and set and achieve goals. Signature workshops include: "Paint Your Wildest Dreams", "Digging For the Heart Of Your Why", "Story Board Your Success Visionboards", Virtual Art Nights and more!

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Wild Dreaming Inspiration Deck - a great tool to get unstuck in your career!


It's like having your own built-in coach cheering YOU on! Use the cards to maintain focus, awaken creativity, strengthen your wild dream and go for it!

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Creative Team Building Events with Kori Burkholder

Inspirality Creative Corporate Events

Offering customizable team-building experiences that combine art-making, fun, and relaxation. Built to strengthen professional relationships and foster out-of-the-box thinking— it inspires your team to dream big and thrive in their lives and careers.

Book a creative experience of a lifetime.

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"I figured out exactly the direction I want to go! I’m feeling more confident about connecting and talking to people about it and I don’t feel guilt or regret about saying I don’t want to be a lawyer, which feels so freeing!"


Transitioning from Attorney to Chief of Staff: New York City, NY | Portland, OR

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“Within a year, I left my 20+ year career in Sales to find a less demanding job to live my dream: to write and produce two Off-Broadway plays and successfully launch them to sold-out audiences! ”


PMP and Director, Playwright and Producer: New York City, NY

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"I got a new job! My boss is awesome. And I have the time to do my passion project side hustle, on-camera hosting! So I've brought all of those things into my life together."


Producer & On-Air Host: Jersey City, New Jersey

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From the Blog

  • Nicole Bailey Case Study from Diplomacy to Japan
    03/31/2024 - Kori Burkholder
    Find Your Purpose, Live Your Passion: Discover Your Dream Job Through Values


    Client Spotlight: How Nicole Combined Travel, Teaching and Writing by Following Her Passions


    Many successful women in their 30s find themselves stuck, yearning for more. Does your career feel like a slow leak, draining your energy and passion? You're not alone.

    Meet Nicole, who used coaching to find her dream of having a lived experience in Japan through teaching English—a country she'd always dreamed of exploring! Her story will inspire you to discover your core values and ignite your career spark. Get ready to design a life and career that lights you up!

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  •  The Power To Transform Your Business and Career
    02/23/2024 - Kori Burkholder
    The Power To Transform Your Business & Career Interactive Workshop

    Ready to break through barriers and achieve success? Join Valley EntreprenHERS, renowned Global Transformation Coach, and Consultant Bennetta "Coach Bee" Raby for an empowering evening to unleash your greatest Purpose!

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  • Dream Job On Hold Is Perfectionism Your Worst Enemy
    02/16/2024 - Kori Burkholder
    Dream Job on Hold: Is Perfectionism Your Worst Enemy?

    Imagine staring at a menu overflowing with delicious options yet unable to order anything because the fear of choosing the "wrong" dish paralyzes you. This, for many, is the reality of perfectionism, impacting even the most mundane decisions. Sarah, a seasoned marketing professional, was caught in this web, yearning for change but held back by the fear of imperfection.

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  • Pros and cons: remote careers for teachers and service industry professionals
    02/13/2024 - Kori Burkholder
    Remote Work Guide for Teachers & Service Industry Pros

    Unlock Your Freedom & Potential: Remote Work Guide for Teachers & Service Industry Pros

    Did you know 98% of workers crave the freedom and flexibility of remote work? But if you're a teacher or service industry star used to being on-site, remote careers might seem out of reach. Think again!

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  • Unlocking Superpowers: Turning Weaknesses Into Career Success
    01/07/2024 - Kori Burkholder
    Unlocking Superpowers: Turning Weaknesses into Career Success

    Ever feel like your "weaknesses" are holding you back? Imagine turning them into your secret superpower, propelling you to career heights you never dreamed possible. That's exactly what Nichole, a seasoned pro, did with her passion for problem-solving. Join us on her inspiring journey as we navigate the pitfalls of perception, unlock hidden leadership potential, and discover how even flaws can blossom into career-defining strengths. Ready to unleash your superpower? Buckle up, grab a cup of coffee, and dive into this transformative tale of career rebirth!

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  • Beyond Job Titles: Nina's Quest for Meaning and Impact
    12/22/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Beyond Job Titles: Nina's Quest for Meaning and Impact

    Delve into Nina's desire for a life filled with meaning and impact as she steps away from the stage lights of musical theater and navigates the transformative landscape of Paint Your Wildest Dreams.



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  • Janet's Transformation Beyond Art
    12/21/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Navigating the Canvas of Self-Evolution: Janet's Transformation Beyond Art

    In an uncertain world, one woman, Janet, explored new possibilities within the transformative "Painting Your Wildest Dreams" program. Going beyond traditional artistic expression, she discovered newfound courage, overcoming self-doubt and silence to express a voice that had been dormant. This is not just an anecdote but a reflection of the transformative power of self-discovery, where dreams take shape, and fear is confronted. Click now to explore Janet's journey and learn how you can also embark on a journey of self-expression.

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  • Craft Your Future 7 Steps to Unleash Creativity
    12/08/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    7 Steps To Unleash Creativity and Shape Your Vision For the New Year

    Embarking on a new year goes beyond the mere act of turning a calendar page; it's a golden opportunity to infuse vitality into your career dreams with a refreshed sense of purpose. Discover strategic steps to set compelling goals, acknowledge setbacks, and unleash creativity. Explore seven meticulously crafted steps for a purposeful, growth-driven year ahead. Join us to uncover these transformative insights. Start your journey.

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