Bringing busy professionals together in workshop settings to tap into their creativity by using art-making as a tool to destress, dream big, inspire, and set goals to turn their dreams into reality.

Inspirality Workshops

Inspirality Workshops

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Bringing busy professionals together using creativity and art as a tool to destress, dream big, inspire, and set goals to turn dreams into reality.

Inspirality creative workshops focus on YOU and your GOALS, whether personal, business, or career. It's about getting in touch with one's true self and long-lost dreams by exploring different creative modalities, whether it's through painting, block-printing, or collage.

The act of creation allows new ideas and inspiration to flow through you and establish a connection to parts of yourself that have been ignored or lost. In addition, being creative enables you to be in the present moment and melts away your worries, stress, and anxiety.

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Upcoming Workshops:

Own Your Success. Own Your Image.

Take your personal brand and business to the next level with "Own Your Image, Own Your Success" on June 8th. This empowering event offers professional headshots by Meg Pascucci, who specializes in capturing your authentic brand identity of female entrepreneurs. But it's not just photos! Join an energizing mastermind session led by career and life coach Kori Burkholder to share challenges and gain valuable insights from fellow entrepreneurs. Plus, receive prep tips and personalized photo guidance from Meg to ensure you radiate confidence. Spots are limited, so secure yours today and unlock a powerful professional image, a supportive network, and the tools to propel your business forward. Don't miss out -learn more!

Past Workshops:

Creative 5-Day Summer Retreat For Women To Launch A Dream

Wild Dreaming 5-Day Retreat at Omega Institute  July 24th - 29th: Join me as I lead professional women like yourself to ignite a dream, reignite a goal that's pushed to the side or define a new vision for your future. We combine dreaming, art-making, coaching, and goal setting into one workshop. You'll walk away with a portfolio of new artwork, feeling confident in yourself and your abilities, your future, and plan to bring your dream into reality. Learn more.

Creative 7-Day Summer Sailing Cruise From France To Rome

Creative Summer Retreat in France Starclipper


StarClipper Cruise 7-Day Art and Yoga-themed cruise with Kori & Marcy August 13-21: We sail off into the sunset from Cannes, France, and complete the voyage at sunrise in Rome, Italy. The super luxurious sailboat has the comforts and amenities of modern-day and first-class service. I will be leading the Sunset Watercolor Painting series alongside Marcy Clark, who will be teaching Sunrise Yoga and Meditation. Learn more.

Creative And Nature 3-Day Women's Weekend Getaway In The Poconos

Creative and Nature 3-Day Women's Weekend Getaway In The Poconos


Rise Gatherings is a nurturing women's weekend retreat in the beautiful Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania happening September 30-October 2: I'll be leading two workshops: Finding Your Passion Project That Sparks Joy and Digging For the Heart of Your Why. Women choose to attend when they are going through a time of change like trouble in their marriage or relationship, wanting to change careers, desiring something more out of life as they enter a new chapter, and seeking the support of others to uplift them and ease their fears. Use promo code Kori22 for $50 off. Learn more.

About the teacher: Led by Kori Burkholder, Certified Professional Life, Career and Creativity Coach, artist, and Founder of groundbreaking programs like Paint Your Wildest Dreams and Paint Your Dreams Into Reality. Kori has been helping others turn dreams and goals into reality through a unique mix of coaching, creative writing, painting, goal setting, connection, visualization, guided meditation, spirituality, and personal expression. She’s taught at prestigious spiritual centers and institutions like NY Open Center, 92nd Street Y, Omega Institute, MahaRose, University of Hartford, guest appearances on Star Clipper Sails worldwide, and tons of corporate team building events.

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Testimonials From Past Attendees of Kori's Creative Workshops:

I found it therapeutic and energizing to break away from the workday! It’s interesting how my painting’s evolution can metaphorically represent the progress that I made in just one week and also representative of the evolution of self within life. – Robin C. Performance Improvement Business Consultant, New York, NY

My participation in art night has taught me to trust my gut, and that’s it’s okay to be a beginner. So many times I start a drawing and self-doubt kicks in, or I get scared. What if my art isn’t as good as everyone else? What if I interpreted the prompt wrong? I then remember that art night isn’t about being good or bad or making the perfect artwork. It’s about expressing yourself, giving yourself a break, and having fun! – Nina P., Early Education Specialist, Houston, TX

I normally don’t get involved with art experiences, but this was so open, that I lost any inhibition and learned through painting. – Beth P., Account Executive, Beauty, New York, NY

What a fun & empowering night! Thank you Kori, you are a magical facilitator! Alison L., Woodstock, NY

Fantastic! Empowering! Great meeting all of these wonderfully inspiring women! Jeanette L., Hartford, CT

I thoroughly enjoyed Kori’s workshop. I left with a sense of purpose and clarity in my next steps moving forward with my career and personal development. I would recommend Kori to anyone who seeks to understand themselves better, and to have someone who cares for your success in different realms. -Anat C., New York, NY

I'm in need of a change and unsure of how to take the next steps. I saw Paint Your Wildest Dreams workshop and knew this was what I had been looking for. Before the session, I was nervous to see a blank canvas in front of me. Immediately, I knew I was in a safe place with people I trusted, so there was no reason to worry. Taking the time for myself to sit down and talk with someone that was open and not a close dear friend or family member so they could see things from a new perspective. Once we started the process, the painting flowed naturally and I walked away with fresh insights and inspired actions to take moving forward. For someone thinking of taking Kori's workshop, I would say to just be open to trying new things. - Bridget K., New York, NY

Examples from a previous creative workshop called: Thriving Succulents

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