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My mission as your career coach is to take you on a journey from uncertainty about your present career and not knowing what your next step might be, through to having a clear vision of a career that is absolutely right for you, and a plan for how to create it.

What’s unique about these programs is that it draws on your own innate resourcefulness to help you identify an exciting and viable new career direction. The program provides a framework for the coaching in the form of interesting and engaging exercises and profound guided meditations which will bring out that creativity and resourcefulness in you and direct it toward discovering the right next step for your working life.

All career coaching packages have been carefully tailored using research into best practices in career evaluation and transition backed up by my experience as a certified life and career coach, my 20+ year non-linear career path, corporate and creative background, and as an solopreneur.

The program is designed in three phases:

  1. CORE: an exploration phase where we take a deep dive into your life and career preferences, work through inner critics and gain bulletproof confidence in yourself and your abilities. Here you are getting more precise about who you are, what you want now and in the future, and your next career path.
  2. CONNECT: This is where you are clear and can make a wise decision based on your life and career preferences and your research. No more second-guessing yourself. You are moving forward with clarity and confidence!
  3. COURSE: the decision has been made, and now it’s time to create the plan. We identify the gaps standing in the way and create a plan to bridge those gaps.

Here’s how we can work together:

Career Clarity Brainstorming Call

15-min | Free

Learn what coaching is all about, the process, my approach. I want to learn about you, where you might be stuck, your needs and goals. If all systems go, we can talk about packages that will best serve your needs. Looking forward to our call!

12-Week Career Clarity Group Coaching

Weekly group career coaching and support with your unique project plan 

An excellent opportunity to work on your future dream career. Hotseat coaching with your coach, facilitated networking, brainstorming, and collaboration on group calls, plus learning what's working and not working from other professionals on various career paths. A community feel, a individualized plan and coaching with built in accountability structure to keep you motivated and on track. Find out more here.

16-Week Purpose Driven Career Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions, unique project plan, job search strategy + bonus group coaching

Work with me privately. This option offers more flexibility with the addition of job search strategy coaching like getting a new resume and cover letter to reflect your new career direction, tapping into the hidden job market, networking strategies, interview preparation, and salary negotiation tactics. You might choose this option if you enjoy more privacy, need more schedule flexibility, and enjoy more 1-1 attention. You also access the weekly Career Clarity group coaching calls.

1- hour Laser Coaching Session

1 session + 15 minute follow up call | $299

I rarely work with clients for just one session because the career transition process takes longer than that. However, I am open to it and will help you in whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

Best for those needing to work something out quickly – make a decision on a new job, prep for an interview, getting the confidence to ask for a raise, etc. We’ll be laser focused in 60 minutes and get you where you need to be. You’ll be given an intake form prior to the session so we are both crystal clear on the outcomes, plus you will get a 15 minute laser follow up call afterwards to tie up any loose ends.

All Packages include:

The Sessions

  • All group and private sessions are held on Zoom.

In the Career Coaching Sessions You Will:

  • Learn how to transform career confusion, fears and doubts into ammunition to power your career change
  • Stop wasting time applying for the wrong jobs and start to connect to the right opportunities
  • Answer the “when/how/what do I?” career questions you’ve been asking yourself
  • Identify your personal strengths, skills, passions, values, life purpose and how that translates into new career paths
  • Gain the abilities and confidence to stand out as a competitive professional
  • Have a qualified coach, mentor, accountability partner to make sure you stay on track 

Career Coaching Packages include:

  • A unique project plan based on your biggest career needs and goals
  • Access into a membership site with tools, videos and training materials
  • Email support with Kori throughout the duration of the program
  • Accountability support designed to keep you motivated and on track
  • Access to Private Facebook group to network, exchange ideas, share resources


I have coaching packages that start at $299 and go up from there. The best way for me to help you decide what’s best for you is to book a 15 minute brainstorming call with me. On the call I will ask you a few questions to work out if or how I can help you. If I can't, I will do my best to point you in the right direction. If I feel like I can help, we'll go ahead and book in a longer call to talk about the how. 

Looking forward to speaking with you and supporting you on your journey to find more clarity, creativity, fulfillment and purpose in your career!

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