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The 12-Week Career Clarity Program

Tired of Trying To Figure Out What’s Next In Your Career?

I totally get it, I got stuck once, too. I was miserable most days at work. I dreaded Mondays and counted down the days until Friday. I lost sleep thinking that I was “wasting my life at a job that I hate!”

Sound famliar?

Thoughts used to bang around my head like the insides of a pinball machine: Do I try to move up? Do I look for a lateral move? Should I just change careers completely – what would I do? Or do I want to start my own business?

I spent the better part of 3 years stuck with those thoughts.

If I had only dedicated the time focusing on narrowing down my choices, I would have been so much further ahead!

Those 3 years were plagued with lack of focus and inconsistent action.

I was paralyzed with choice.

Many are right where you are, but most people get overwhelmed when they think of a career change. You don’t have to do it alone. 

If you can relate I can help you!

The first few times I tried to switch my career, I did not move as efficiently as I could have and wasted years where I could have been living my dream life.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

Through my journey, I’ve developed a three month process that will help anyone looking for their next step professionally.

Together we can:    

– Map out a working blueprint of your skills and goals, which will continue to help you make life and career decisions, quickly evaluate opportunities and feel confident when applying for jobs.

– Evaluate your strengths and skills and know confidently what it is you really want in your next role, company and employer.

– Bolster your communication and confidence to clearly articulate your unique value to any future employer, boss and colleagues.

– Identify and face personal issues and blocks head on, rather than keeping them bottled up in order to to dissolve their power over you.

– Increase your own self awareness and gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.

– Create a bigger picture result in order to get to the “yes, I am pursuing X job now at X salary” and taking tangible steps in your search for more purpose-driven, meaningful work.

I have a clear process that helps you work through your questions regardless of your obstacles. This works for EVERYONE.

Move Your Vision Into a Reality

Research shows that a growing number of professionals are no longer inspired by their work. These professionals are experienced in their craft and very good at what they do, but they are often unfulfilled in their current jobs.

These professionals are busy, and most of the world would misinterpret their lack of time with fulfillment. However, most of the world fails to understand that there is limited fulfillment in building the dreams of your employers.  

These professionals are searching for a professional step forward – they desire a change that reflects their value structure and the difference they hope to make in the world. Despite desiring this change I find that often, busy professionals get ‘stuck’ and just feel frustrated.

During the process our focus is on YOU, your LIFE and your CAREER because it all intermingles and it all matters.  We do this with a non-linear, creative, yet structured approach to help you figure out your next career path.

This is YOUR time to design the career that YOU want, not what others think you should do or what you’ve been doing because “it makes sense”.

Nope! This proven structure gives you invaluable information about yourself. It’s a lifelong investment to find out what makes you tick and what you have to offer the world.

Why I can help you

I’m Kori and I love being a Career Coach! I help busy professionals who feel disconnected from their work, who are wanting to find more fulfilling, creative careers, but need support to get started.

I’ve changed career directions 7x in my 20 years as a professional. Having successfully navigated each of those shifts, I have tons of experience working in corporate and creative environments. I’ve turned hobbies into side hustles and then into careers.

I take a non-linear creative approach that’s filled with both left and right brain activities. I love to create strong organizational structure, but then build fun into the process as well.

As a Career Success Coach, my beliefs are that:

  • You deserve to wake up every day with purpose.
  • You deserve to be inspired by your work.
  • You deserve to feel connected to the work you do.
  • You can create a purpose-driven, creative career, and life that you love, through a ‘big vision’ process and a desire to grow.
  • Your previous professional and life experience are not to be discarded, it exists to fuel your growth. 

If you’re ready to get the support, structure, and accountability you need to take the next step in your career, let’s chat.

If you’re ready to showcase your abilities and find career happiness, this is your next step!

Imagine yourself 3 months from now…

Knowing exactly what the next step of your career will be. Crystal clear about your path to fulfillment.

You’re starting on a new career. One that excites and challenges you, and you’re confidently starting on the steps you need to be successful in your new role. You’re able to ask for what you need and able to clearly articulate it with confidence. Your vision is coming closer and closer to reality.

You know what you stand for and you easily share your vision with others. This reaffirms your purpose to all around you, making you sparkle in the eyes of others.

Other people will be drawn to you, and they’ll compliment and inquire about your brilliance as they walk alongside you.  

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? To get there you need to…

  • Evaluate where you are with the help of a coach. We need to take a step back, zoom out, and take a bird-eye view of your career up to this point. This will give you the time you need to figure what you really want next.
  • Look into a professional career coach – family, friends, and Google can only help you so much.  
  • Invest in yourself. You deserve to find meaning, fulfillment, and happiness. Investing in yourself is the surest investment you can make.

The Reality Is:

  • You’ve worked hard to get where you are in your career. You can leverage your successes, skills, and relationships towards something greater!
  • You’re ready for expert career coaching, and the accountability it brings. It’s difficult to figure out the next steps on your own! Many people just go around in circles, invest in the appropriate structure to ensure you succeed.
  • A structured, creative career development program is refreshing.
  • You’re ready to clear the confusion and learn how to be more decisive based on what you want in the next phase of your career.

Our process is composed of 6 phases:

While it sounds simple enough, many of us don’t take the time to celebrate our lives as fully as we should. This module is designed to reflect back and celebrate how far you’ve come, just how awesome you really are and start building a life and career based on your values, preferences, passions and strengths!

Building Your Ideal Life

– Identify the highs and lows in your career and life to extract the lessons and apply them to your career story and future success.

– Learn how to get clear on what you really want in work (and in life!). If you don’t know what you want, how will you know what to look and ask for?

– Learn how to use your values to make any hard career and life decision quickly and confidently. No more spinning your wheels and feeling stuck!

– Identify your purpose, who your powerful self is and what you’re passionate about so you’re coming from a place of confidence rather than a place of doubt and fear.

– I’ll teach you strategies on how to deal with stress at work so you feel more at ease and grounded in the experience of your work.

Building Your Ideal Work Life

Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, creating your own ideal career scenario helps you focus on and direct your thoughts around what you want. What you focus on, grows. I’ve seen so many career “manifestations” happen throughout my years of career coaching! 

Learn to “brag” about yourself and your professional accomplishments. Hey, if you can’t toot your own horn, who will? This comes in super handy during your job search later on!

Identify your strong skills you’ve already developed and crucially, the ones you really enjoy using. Also, identify skills you’d like to develop.

– Learn how to recognize areas of growth in your current work environment to start upleveling your career NOW even if you’re totally hating your job!

– Learn how to ask for what you want and need at work with confidence and ease. No more playing small or just letting things happen.

– I’ll show you a fun, creative way to capture all your career ideas – no matter how mild, wild or even starting off with none. We’ll to tap into this “Fountain of Inpiration” later in Phase 3: Explore & Refine.

By the end of Reflect and Design phase you will have a new appreciation of yourself, feeling more confident than you’ve felt in years with a clearer idea of what kind of work is best suited for you and feels the most aligned and energized. You will have your own unique blueprint that you can use as an acid test to make any career and life decisions moving forward.

Many professionals are walking around with no career vision but, congratulations, you won’t be one of them for much longer!  We’re asking the left brain to sleep while we tap into your creative side to think expansively. Being creative and flexible detaches you from the career stereotypes built up over the years and brings you closer to the options you find most fulfilling.

– Do you get stuck in logical left brain thinking? Learn how to embrace your unique creativity to open up your mind to new (sometimes) surprising career ideas. Time to let loose here!

– Let’s face it, chasing our career dreams isn’t always peaches and cream. Learn how to tap into the feeling of what it’s like to be living your ideal life and go to this place anytime the journey doesn’t feel so sweet.

– With a solid vision, your ears and eyes sharpen up to see opportunities as they arise – ones that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise and you’re able take immediate action!

Congratulations! You’ve gone from feeling confused about what’s next in your career to having a few viable career options based on your unique blueprint and vision. This is where it starts to become real.

– We tap into the “Fountain of Inspiration” and start to explore the career themes that feel the most energized and test them out into the real world – i.e. networking events, meeting up with old colleagues, informational interviews, etc.

– During the test phase we can start to eliminate the ones that don’t feel the most energized until we boil it down into one viable career path that feels aligned, exciting and achievable!

– We’ve identified the specifics: job titles and roles, companies that are aligned with your vision, you’re clear on the ideal work environment that’s going to make you thrive.

– Together we make a solid, actionable plan to bridge the gap between your current reality and your new career vision.

– Inner critics start perking up right about now, it might feel like anxiety, doubts and fears. I’ll show you how to manage and transform Inner Critics into your ally so they’re working with you instead of against you.

You’re clear! You’re feeling confident and excited about your new career direction and you’re in process of bridging the gap and turning your vision into a reality.

– You have the confidence to ask for what you’re worth and you’re able to clearly and confidently talk in interviews about your career accomplishments and what you bring to the table. Remember your professional “brags” here!

– We tackle the more technical side of any career transition including resume, social media updates to reflect your new career direction, job search and interview strategies to empower you to land the job of your dreams (if it hasn’t happened already!)

Imagine being crystal clear about what you want and where you’re going in your life and career.

When you’re clear you can go from:

– Dreading networking events and having to answer the question, “What do you do?” to looking forward to going to networking events and can’t wait for someone to ask you the question, “What do you do?”.

– When Sunday rolls around you’re already dreading getting out of bed on Monday to LEAPING out of bed because you can’t wait to pick up where you left off.

– Feeling totally lost and uninspired in your job to having a sense of purpose and a deeper connection to the contribution you’re making everyday.

– Getting through the day, watching the clock, taking long lunches to “wow, it’s 6 o’clock already, where does the time go?!”

Imagine what would be different for you, your loved ones, your life, if you really honestly spent some time finding work you love…Take the first step, contact me and let’s embrace this together!

Feels good, right? Why not join us and start creating your ideal life and career today.

12-Weeks To Career Clarity Private Coaching package includes:

  • Weekly Private Career Strategy Coaching support – review homework, positive mindset workouts, Inner Critic transformation, customized career planning, leadership development (12 total).
  • Resume and Linkedin Makeover to reflect your new career direction.
  • 3 – 15 min interview/negotiation/meeting prep sessions (valid up to 3 months after coaching program ends)
  • Email support throughout the duration of our work together (resume/cover letter/ presentation feedback, etc.).
  • Action & Implementation E-book –  these are yours to keep forever so you can always go back to this 5-10 years down the road, redo the exercises to continually uplevel your career.
  • Job Search Strategy Kit includes tons of helpful resources to support you during any phase of the career transition process.

 Book your Career Clarity call today and start transforming your career and life, starting now.

To be completely transparent this program may not be for you if you’re: 

  • Worried the investment will put a financial constraint on paying your bills.
  • Wanting to change jobs quickly to get out of a bad situation.
  • In panic mode to find a new job.
  • Looking for a concrete, linear step-by-step guide on how to fix your career.
  • Just wanting to polish your resume or just need help with interviewing skills or a job search.


How long is the program?

The Career Clarity Creative program is designed to be completed in 12-weeks. This schedule ensures we’re keeping up a solid pace for you to implement changes, integrate the learnings, and be in action towards your goals.

Do I have to finish in 12-weeks?

In my experience, it’s best to keep up the pace and meet weekly, but the duration is something we discuss in our kick-off session.

Do I have to be “creative” to join?

No! We use creativity as a tool to think outside the box. The course allows for all levels from highly trained artists to pure beginners.

How long are the coaching sessions?

The kick-off session is 90 minutes, and every session beyond that is 45-60 minutes.

Are sessions face-to-face or virtual?

Most sessions are done virtually using Zoom, but if you live in New York City and you’d like to meet in person, this is possible.

Do you offer payment plans?

I typically require 1x upfront payment, however, I have made exceptions for individual clients.

What are your certifications?

I have an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certification through Coaching For Transformation/Leadership That Works and Firework Coaching Certification specifically designed for Career Transition, plus 500+ hours of coaching and counting.

I only 3 remaining spots in my 1-1 coaching program!

If you’re ready to get professional support, let’s chat!

I’ve spent 3 years developing processes that have been proven to fill the gap between you and your ideal career. Let me show you the way. I can’t wait to support you in your journey.


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