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Products include Wild Dreaming Creativity Cards, free career focused downloads and exercises, DIY pogram, webinars and masterclasses.

Wild Dreaming Inspiration Deck - a creative coaching tool

Wild Dreaming Deck

The Wild Dreaming Deck is like having your own built-in coach and cheerleader cheering YOU and your Wild Dream on! Spark cards  inspire you with a unique message and art to make you think while Create cards allows you to settle into the moment and use your creativity as a vessle to spark new ideas. 

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Free Career Coaching Tools for Career Clarity

Free Downloads & Exercises

Get your free career oriented downloads to empower your next career move. Get to know your Future Self, go deeper into WHY you want a career change, and get a step by step guide to making a powerful, super attractor vision board to clarify your dream career even further.

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Do It Yourself Career Clarity Program

DIY Career Clarity Program

Perfect for professionals on a budget and love self-paced study programs. Built on the same process that my private clients go through to achieve clarity, confidence and new dream careers. Start bridging the gap between your current reality and your purpose-driven career today.

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Career Coaching Webinars and Masterclasses

Career Webinars & Masterclasses

Free career oriented Webinars and Masterclasses to empower your next career move. No more feeling stuck without having free resources at your fingertips. Grab yourself a cup of tea, a journal and an hour to make power moves towards landing your next dream career.

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