Welcome to your “Getting to the Heart of Your Why” freebie!

Are you no longer feeling passionate or inspired by your career?

Do you want change and want to figure out what’s next?

I know what the in-between stage feels like – frustration, insecurity, confusion, fear and worry of never figuring it out. However, what I’ve come to learn is that taking action is the best remedy, even it’s imperfect action (at first!)

Anything is better than staying idle. Being in action and maintaining clarity of vision around your goals is a powerful place to be and can lead to work opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

Your WHY is the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you. The intention of the “Getting to the Heart of Your Why” exercise will help you get connected to your bigger purpose by figuring out the WHY behind your wanting change and get ready to ignite something new!

Kori’s WHY Story

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