Inspirality offers creative and career-oriented workshops and corporate events both onsite and virtually that inspire people to dream big and thrive in their lives, careers, and businesses.

Join us for a creative experince of a lifetime.

Inspirality Workshops and Corporate Events


Creative and Career-oriented workshops help busy professionals dream big and thrive in their lives, careers, and businesses. Kori Burkholder organizes creative workshops for individuals and groups and corporate events for team building in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts that prompt professionals to explore their inner artists and biggest dreams.

The Inspirality Method encompasses three values: 


  • Inspiration is tapping into your creativity through art for meditative purposes to ignite new ideas and build confidence in yourself.

  • Spirit allows the conscious mind to take a break while letting the subconscious mind and spirit move you to places you’ve never explored before.

  • Reality actualizes what’s in the mind and on the page into the real world.

Inspirality sessions and events focus on YOU and your GOALS, whether personal, business, or career. It's about getting in touch with one's true self, long-lost dreams, and offering the inspiration and support to take action and make the impact you are supposed to make in this lifetime.

Signature workshops include Paint Your Wildest Dreams, Wild Dreaming, Start That Sh*t, Digging For the Heart Of Your Why, Discover Your Passion Project That Sparks Joy & Purpose. Learn more about Kori's creative or career-themed workshops or book a team-building corporate event for your company gathering. Services are offered both onsite and virtual.

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