Get inspired by clients who have completed the career coaching program through reviews, testimonials, and case studies. They went from feeling stuck in unfulfilling careers to landing their dream jobs that fit their skills, purpose, passion, and life goals.


Purpose Driven Career Case Study Interview: Cynthia C.

Purpose Driven Career Case Study Interview: Becky M.

Purpose Driven Career Case Study Interview: Katelyn K.

Purpose Driven Career Case Study Interview: Katherine

Kori's clients are high-achieving urban woman who craves a life filled with passion, purpose, and balance. She's ready to move beyond the daily grind and design a life that allows her to pursue her dreams and enjoy all her surroundings has to offer. Click here to watch more case study videos with Kori's clients to understand what might be possible for you!

Most clients see a 2-4x ROI within the first six months of working together - whether that be in raises, bonuses, promotions and/or new dream jobs with higher salaries that reflect the lifestyle they want to live.

But, the biggest ROI?

Peace of mind. They sleep soundly at night knowing they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. 

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"I got a new job! My boss is awesome. And I have the time to do my passion project side hustle, on-camera hosting! So I've brought all of those things into my life together."

For six years, I tried my hardest to get out of my job in reality television. The job was stressful, the team lacked boundaries, and I was working 24-7. I wanted to leave and figure out how to do that without burning bridges. I just wanted to move into a work environment where I felt more comfortable, which would give me a little work-life balance because, up until that point, I'd never had that. The process made me think about my life and not just a nine-to five situation. As a result, I got a new job at CMT that I enjoy! My boss is awesome. I have a lot of respect for her, and she has respect for me. In addition, I can do my on-camera hosting work, so I've brought all of those things into my life together. If you are considering joining the program, you have to jump off and do it!  

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–Kristen B

Producer & On-Air Host: Jersey City, New Jersey

“I figured out exactly the direction I want to go! I’m feeling more confident about talking to people about it and connecting with people and I don’t feel any guilt or regret about saying I don’t want to be a lawyer, which feels so freeing!

I went into the Private Coaching Career Clarity program really trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. I was practicing Law at the time and after about nine years between law school and working in the legal field I knew that it wasn’t the right environment for me and the type of work I wanted to do, but Law isn’t a career that’s easy to transition out of because it’s so specific. Over the last six months, I figured out exactly the direction I want to go! I’m now crafting a position for a company as a Chief of Staff to support their leadership team where I can do more creative work with leadership. I’ve also started a new Instagram in the sobriety community in New York (@soberinnyc), which has helped me narrow down companies I want to work for like non-alcoholic beverage brands and modern recovery programs. I’m feeling more confident connecting with people in these fields and sharing my ideas and plans for what’s next; whereas before I wasn’t really talking about it because I was so wrapped up in my legal career that I didn’t know where to start. I don’t feel any guilt or regret about saying I don’t want to be a lawyer, which feels so freeing!”

– Katelyn K.

Transitioning from Attorney to Chief of Staff: New York City, NY | Portland, OR

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“I made a career change! I got a new job!”

I had been in my comfort zone in the same company and department for ten years. I felt stagnant. I knew I needed help or would get stuck in this rut until I died. In that moment, I reached out to Kori to find career clarity and explore private coaching, and suddenly that one tiny step just snowballed from there. Eight months later, the goals I had come in with on day one, we met every single one! I now have an updated resume, my LinkedIn profile is optimized, and I have confidence in my interviewing skills because I have strong, impactful career success stories. All of those combined got me to apply, interview for jobs, and then accept a job! I’m now a Production Coordinator for a design and remodeling company. I negotiated 30% more money than in my last job, and I feel happy to be on the right path with a new challenge ahead of me.

- Emily J.

Production Coordinator: Carmel, Indiana

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“Fast forward 4 months and my tiny tiny little book is coming out next month and a mystery novel series in the works!

Before I decided to join the program I was burned out. I’m self employed and I love what I do, but I was at the end of my bandwidth and started thinking, is this what I want to be doing five to ten years down the road? I realized I needed somebody to talk things out with and give me some guidance. I’ve always wanted to write books, but I had this belief that I could not make enough money to support my family as an author. I just really needed to explore it and start making some more conscious proactive decisions around it. Fast forward 4 months and my tiny tiny little book is coming out next month with a mystery novel series in the works! The three biggest results I got was getting crystal clear in the next five to ten years, which was absolutely huge! And then stepping into that author role in a very real way and the mindset shift, which was like a flywheel, once it got going it just kind of perpetuated. I feel transformed on the other side of it and it’s amazing! If you’re unclear on your career direction this will give you the clarity that you need. You look at not just your career trajectory, but your whole life, your childhood, your dreams. It’s a whole picture, the whole person of who you are and what your skills are and what you could possibly do.”

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– Jessica Mehring

Horizon Peak Consulting CEO and senior conversion content writer — and now author: Colorodo Springs, CO

“I asked for a promotion AND a $15k raise and got both!

When I first started working with Kori, I was struggling with confidence issues at my current job. As the weeks passed, we uncovered all of my professional accomplishments I have achieved in this job, which gave me the courage and confidence to ask for a title promotion from Copywriter to Creative Director, plus ask for a $15K raise and they both came through! I’d never asked for anything like that in my career before and I don’t think I could have done it without Kori’s help!”

– Melissa N.

Senior Writer to Associate Creative Director: New York City, NY

“I just landed my first 6-figure salary!

I was going through a rough transition professionally. I felt like I was trying to adapt myself to job descriptions instead of knowing confidently what it was I really wanted in my next role. Through the work, I was able to clearly see patterns emerge around both what I’m good at, and also around what I enjoy doing. I can now quickly evaluate opportunities when applying for new jobs which has bolstered my confidence and communication to future employers. I just landed my first 6-figure salary and a role I literally created based on the work Kori and I did in the program! If you want a coach who will listen, guide your process for real self-awareness and reflection with a plan for real change, I can’t recommend Kori enough!”

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Chief of Staff, Recess: New York City, NY

“Within 3 months, I left a dead end job and found the job of my dreams, without even knowing what it was!

I loved working with Kori. Professionally, I have a clinical background and have been in therapy at different times throughout my life, but working with her was helpful in such a different way. Kori was able to help me visualize and articulate my goals, desires, dreams and then take the actions necessary to fulfill them. And she did it using a creative, artistic framework which I was not used to, but loved! Within 3 months, I left a dead end job and found the job if my dreams, without even knowing what it was! It fell into my lap after doing a lot of visualization and affirmation work, and I really truly owe it all to Kori. I’ve also come to peace around a relationship issue and am truly allowing things to unfold as I settle in to being my true, authentic self. I hope you will allow yourself to try this!”

– Jumana, M.

Healthcare Consultant: New York City, NY

“I can’t wait to start my new job!

I was very unhappy and frustrated with my job and struggling to find clarity and direction for my future. When deciding to work with Kori, I feared that I would invest financially and not have clarity for my future at the end of the program. Working with Kori I was able to secure a new job, making more money, giving me the opportunity to work in a new environment with some new clients that allows me to use some of my favorite skills and values we identified in the program! The most impactful part of our work together was diving into my skills and work motivators as it helped me learn a lot about myself that I was able to apply to interviews and my work life. Having a timeline in place was also helpful, and will continue to be as I keep working towards my big vision. Right now, I can’t wait to start my new job and if you’re thinking about working with Kori I would say to do it! I think it’s a great program to get a much deeper understanding of yourself and to find clarity.”

– Hannah R.

PR & Communications Manager: New York City, NY

“I’m pleased to say that my new job is great!

 was at a crossroads on my career path. I was unhappy in my job and overwhelmed with too many career choices. I needed a coach to talk through it. Through the coaching, I got the confidence to ask for what I needed at my job, which made me realize it wasn’t the place for me anymore. From there, I was able to strategically narrow down my other options. I’m pleased to say that my new job is great! I have the freedom to craft my own schedule and love my coworkers. I work with a wide range of stakeholders on a variety of projects, which is exactly what Kori and I carved out in the visioning process! I’d recommend working with Kori if you feel overwhelmed with choices and are unhappy at work or even are just feeling restless and ready for a change. It really helps to work through such big topics with a professional and focus on issues at hand.”

– Kevin P

Engineer: Buena Vista, Colorodo

“I now have a renewed belief in myself and I’m extremely happy to say that I have that new life!

I was at a point in my life where I was stuck. I was struggling with imagining what my life could look like. I knew I needed a coach, but I was concerned that having a coach would be another thing to manage in my “not so happy” life. Working with Kori through the Career Clarity process helped me to establish an exciting new vision and realize my goals. I didn’t realize that I could have a vision and that having a vision could be a game changer. I now have a renewed belief in myself and I’m extremely happy to say that I have that new life in 2019! I’m producing my first play in June and will be looking to transition into a new career in project management. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who’s looking to get out of a career (or life) rut or for anyone who is just starting out in their career. I will always be grateful to Kori for helping find myself and my new life.”

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– Wanda H.

Senior Manager, Sales Enablement: New York City, NY

“I feel so much more clear and confident about myself, my career goals, and bringing my own specific vision to life!

Before working with Kori, I wasn’t feeling satisfied in my current career and felt like something was missing. I wanted to take time to discover myself before making a big career decision. Going into the program, I was afraid I’d lack the self-discipline to allow it to work for me, however, I got over that quickly! I gained the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, which helped me realize that it’s possible to have a creative career in a setting that aligns with my values, purpose, and life vision. I’m currently taking actions that support my dream of growing my creative consulting business, my art and brand. I would highly recommend Kori, she helped me feel so much more clear and confident about myself, my career goals, and bringing my own specific vision to life- which is super powerful- and I can’t wait to keep going!”

Amy C.

Copywriter/Artist: Savannah, Georgia

“I was creatively blocked, but now I’m much more prolific, artistically!

There’s always the fear it won’t help or that it will be bullshit. This was neither. It opened something in me, creatively. Or just unblocked me. Kori has a soothing yet commending way of making me think. She’s a straight shooter, but with a nurturing style. Since working together, I’ve been much more prolific, artistically. I would recommend Kori to anyone who’s creatively blocked.”

– Steven B.

Creative Director in Advertising & Artist: New York City, NY

“I dismissed old worry habits and gained new-found confidence in my role and expertise!

I’d been defeated in my job hunt after a year of searching. Working with Kori helped identify my needs and non-negotiables for any future employer. By the fourth session, I had landed my dream job because I became more patient with myself and focused on the value I bring into my work and the company.”

– Vicki V.

Brand Strategist: San Francisco, California

“I’m now getting cast regularly on TV shows and can see clearly where I’m heading now!

I was lost about what I wanted, doubtful I could ever do what I really sought out to do, which was a career in the entertainment business. I overcame self doubts and took risks in social situations. I even approached one of my famous role models who intimidated me, but because of the mindset coaching I did with Kori, I was able to identify the voices telling me not to and did it anyway! Because of it, I landed an interview at one of my target companies! I started a blog, I joined a swimming team, I feel more self expressed and unapologetic for it. I updated my resume to reflect my new career goals and have landed 5 job interviews in my target industry so far. I would recommend Kori to those wanting to work on overcoming personal challenges. She’s a good listener, empathetic, and she helps you overcome personal stumbling blocks.”

– Brian K.

Actor, TV/Movie Production: New York City, NY

“I discovered my true passions and charted a realistic path to making my dream life real

I had a hole in my life and thanks to Kori, three months later, I end everyday with a feeling of real accomplishment. With her guidance, I was able to fully embrace my love for writing and storytelling. I started taking risks, getting up on stages at story-telling events performing my stories which opened up unexpected opportunities. I now have the self-discipline to commit to the work and the self-confidence to believe in myself and a realistic path to making my dream life real.”

– Katherine P.

Advertising Executive/Writer/Storyteller: New York City, NY

“I now face my issues head on, rather than keeping them in the closet

What’s next and how can I spent the next stage of my life in the most meaningful way?” I wondered if Kori and I could be relatable having a very different personal identity, but her work with professionals focusing on career transitions gave me confidence. She has a great ability to deeply connect, which is comforting. I wasn’t expecting my anger toward my dad to surface and realized just how much the act of burying it was actually harming me. As a direct result of working with Kori, I’ve increased my own self awareness and have gained confidence in myself and my abilities. I started taking tangible steps to start my own coaching business and I’m gaining momentum within my company to establish myself as a technology leader who’s also a coach. If you are considering working with Kori, I’d say “Nike’s slogan is not ‘Just Think About It’, it is ‘Just Do It’ especially if you’re going though any type of transitional period in your life, not only limited to career change.”

– Alper T

Sr Software Engineer II, Team Lead: New York City, NY

“I’m now thinking more positively about where I am in life, appreciating the work I’ve been doing, and creating a life that I love!

I was stuck between going back to work full-time or starting my own freelancing business. The process of coaching with Kori allowed me the space to identify my values and top priorities, envision my ideal future and make the decision to focus on building my freelance business. We created strategies for redirecting the negative feelings and nay-sayer voices that inevitably come up when you’re doing something new. I’m now thinking more positively about where I am in life, appreciating the work I’ve been doing, and creating a life that I love. If you feel stuck, like I was and have a chance to work with Kori, do it, she’s an awesome coach!”

– Lauren M.

Communications Strategist/Business Owner: New York City, NY

“I now have clarity around what I want to do next!

I had a lot of confusion around my purpose and passions in life and how that translated into the next steps in my career. I now have clarity around what I want to do next, prioritization of the next steps, and help grounding myself in practices that lead to maintained peace. I now understand that the pursuit of my dreams can be done in manageable ways without making immediate major career or life changes and that I can start now in my current role!”

Account Manager, Advertising: New York City, NY

“I now believe I have influence over my own life and a plan on how to achieve my goals!

Before working with Kori, I was hopeless when it came to seeing possibilities for a full time career as a singer and actor. As a direct result of the coaching, I was able to get specific about how I was going to achieve the goals with specific plans for what to do next. Through the process, I learned how to engage with my underlying feelings and emotions in a way that helps me rather than hinders me. I no longer believe that things are out of my control, and that I can have an influence on my own life. If you have a chance to work with Kori, do it. She gets to the heart of the matter and will help you build the bridge to get you to where you want to go.”

Singer/Songwriter: New York City, NY

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