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I'm Kori Burkholder, your dedicated Career Transition Coach. With over 20 years of navigating the entertainment industry's complexities, I've successfully transitioned my passion for empowering others into a thriving coaching practice.

Kori Burkholder Professional Career Changer Now Helping Young Professionals Land Dream Careers


“You hold the power to design a career you love, make a meaningful impact AND achieve financial success. Embrace your potential and silence the Inner Critics holding you back." -Kori

My career journey has been non-linear, which makes me uniquely qualified to guide yours. I understand the desire for fulfillment, growth, and balance because I've actively sought them in my own life. Here are some highlights of my journey:

From music enthusiast to industry insider: I went from chasing a dream job in the music industry to creating one, landing dream roles at major music record labels and entertainment companies. This experience taught me the value of perseverance and resilience in a competitive environment.

From a hesitant speaker to industry expert: I conquered my fear of public speaking to become a recognized voice in my field. This demonstrated the power of stepping outside one's comfort zone and unlocking one's full potential.

From employee to entrepreneur: I transformed my side hustle into a thriving career coaching practice, proving that flexibility and passion do coexist. This journey solidified my desire to empower others to design fulfilling careers on their terms.

My coaching philosophy is built on the belief that continuous learning and development and the ability to make changes are essential for success. I empower individuals to:

  • Break free from the "I hate my job" cycle: Discover your unique strengths, passions, and values to design a career that excites you.
  • Develop in-demand skills and craft a magnetic personal brand to attract your ideal opportunities.
  • Land your dream job: Master the art of interviewing and confidently negotiate competitive salaries and work arrangements you deserve.
  • Make a difference: Explore purpose-driven career paths that allow you to contribute to a cause you care about.
Kori Burkholder Career Change Coach For Young Corporate Professionals To Land Dream Jobs


My Achievements:

I've coached individuals standing at career crossroads, from passionate Gen Z individuals seeking purpose-driven careers that ignite their spark, to high-achieving Millennials navigating advancement opportunities while achieving work-life balance. These driven professionals from diverse industries, including creative fields like entertainment, advertising, and PR, as well as analytical fields like law and finance, have achieved remarkable results with my guidance.

I've helped individuals:

  • Land dream jobs at Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations.
  • Secure internal promotions and negotiate significant raises.
  • Launch successful side hustles that blossomed into full-time careers.
  • Let's chat about how I can help you navigate your own career journey and achieve your goals.

Whether you're an early-career Gen Z professional navigating the gig economy, a mid-career Millennial seeking advancement, or anyone ready to break free from job dissatisfaction, I can help. Together, we'll unlock your potential and design a career path that ignites your passion and fuels your future.

Ready to unlock your potential and design a career path that ignites your passion? Let's schedule a free brainstorming call and explore the possibilities together. I offer personalized coaching programs tailored to your unique needs and aspirations, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Here's what you can expect from our collaboration:

  • No more wasting your talents: We'll identify your strengths and passions to find work that fulfills you.
  • No more endless scrolling on Linkedin: We'll craft a compelling personal brand to attract the ideal opportunities.
  • The confidence to ask for what you want: We'll equip you with the skills and strategies to confidently negotiate your worth.

Together, we'll align your skillset with your personal goals and create a career you're proud of. Let's get you clear on your vision and empower you with actionable steps to achieve your dreams.

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Kori Burkholder Professional Career Transition Coach with Corporate and Creative Background

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