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Career advice on career development, mindset, motivation, job search tips, and inspiration from those who’ve successfully made a career change. 




  • Nicole Bailey Case Study from Diplomacy to Japan
    03/31/2024 - Kori Burkholder
    Find Your Purpose, Live Your Passion: Discover Your Dream Job Through Values


    Client Spotlight: How Nicole Combined Travel, Teaching and Writing by Following Her Passions


    Many successful women in their 30s find themselves stuck, yearning for more. Does your career feel like a slow leak, draining your energy and passion? You're not alone.

    Meet Nicole, who used coaching to find her dream of having a lived experience in Japan through teaching English—a country she'd always dreamed of exploring! Her story will inspire you to discover your core values and ignite your career spark. Get ready to design a life and career that lights you up!

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  •  The Power To Transform Your Business and Career
    02/23/2024 - Kori Burkholder
    The Power To Transform Your Business & Career Interactive Workshop

    Ready to break through barriers and achieve success? Join Valley EntreprenHERS, renowned Global Transformation Coach, and Consultant Bennetta "Coach Bee" Raby for an empowering evening to unleash your greatest Purpose!

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  • Dream Job On Hold Is Perfectionism Your Worst Enemy
    02/16/2024 - Kori Burkholder
    Dream Job on Hold: Is Perfectionism Your Worst Enemy?

    Imagine staring at a menu overflowing with delicious options yet unable to order anything because the fear of choosing the "wrong" dish paralyzes you. This, for many, is the reality of perfectionism, impacting even the most mundane decisions. Sarah, a seasoned marketing professional, was caught in this web, yearning for change but held back by the fear of imperfection.

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  • Pros and cons: remote careers for teachers and service industry professionals
    02/13/2024 - Kori Burkholder
    Remote Work Guide for Teachers & Service Industry Pros

    Unlock Your Freedom & Potential: Remote Work Guide for Teachers & Service Industry Pros

    Did you know 98% of workers crave the freedom and flexibility of remote work? But if you're a teacher or service industry star used to being on-site, remote careers might seem out of reach. Think again!

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  • Unlocking Superpowers: Turning Weaknesses Into Career Success
    01/07/2024 - Kori Burkholder
    Unlocking Superpowers: Turning Weaknesses into Career Success

    Ever feel like your "weaknesses" are holding you back? Imagine turning them into your secret superpower, propelling you to career heights you never dreamed possible. That's exactly what Nichole, a seasoned pro, did with her passion for problem-solving. Join us on her inspiring journey as we navigate the pitfalls of perception, unlock hidden leadership potential, and discover how even flaws can blossom into career-defining strengths. Ready to unleash your superpower? Buckle up, grab a cup of coffee, and dive into this transformative tale of career rebirth!

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  • Beyond Job Titles: Nina's Quest for Meaning and Impact
    12/22/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Beyond Job Titles: Nina's Quest for Meaning and Impact

    Delve into Nina's desire for a life filled with meaning and impact as she steps away from the stage lights of musical theater and navigates the transformative landscape of Paint Your Wildest Dreams.



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  • Janet's Transformation Beyond Art
    12/21/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Navigating the Canvas of Self-Evolution: Janet's Transformation Beyond Art

    In an uncertain world, one woman, Janet, explored new possibilities within the transformative "Painting Your Wildest Dreams" program. Going beyond traditional artistic expression, she discovered newfound courage, overcoming self-doubt and silence to express a voice that had been dormant. This is not just an anecdote but a reflection of the transformative power of self-discovery, where dreams take shape, and fear is confronted. Click now to explore Janet's journey and learn how you can also embark on a journey of self-expression.

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  • Craft Your Future 7 Steps to Unleash Creativity
    12/08/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    7 Steps To Unleash Creativity and Shape Your Vision For the New Year

    Embarking on a new year goes beyond the mere act of turning a calendar page; it's a golden opportunity to infuse vitality into your career dreams with a refreshed sense of purpose. Discover strategic steps to set compelling goals, acknowledge setbacks, and unleash creativity. Explore seven meticulously crafted steps for a purposeful, growth-driven year ahead. Join us to uncover these transformative insights. Start your journey.

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  • Success Blueprint 2024: Crafting Goals, Connections, and Art Playshop
    12/07/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Success Blueprint 2024: Crafting Goals, Connections, and Art Playshop

    Success Blueprint 2024: Crafting Goals, Connections, and Art Playshop on January 11, 2024, a unique opportunity to reflect, dream, and connect as we approach the coming year. Join us for a transformative experience where you'll delve into the essence of your aspirations for 2024 and beyond.

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  • Sydney's Purpose Driven Career Case Study
    11/17/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Sydney's Story: How Identifying Values Transformed Her Job Search and Interviews

    Delve into Sydney's profound journey towards career fulfillment under the guidance of Kori Burkholder, a seasoned career coach. This narrative chronicles Sydney's transition from uncertainty to empowerment, capturing pivotal moments of self-discovery and growth. Explore how the coaching process unraveled her career dilemmas, emphasizing the transformative power of clarity, resilience, and aligning professional life with personal values.

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  • Brittany's Case Study: From Lawyers To First Responder
    08/25/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Recruiting with Purpose: Transitioning from Lawyers to First Responders

    Witnessing Brittany's journey has been awe-inspiring, from her Brooklyn roots to the crossroads of career confusion. We explored her values, passions, and strengths, forging a purposeful path. Her transformation reflects the profound impact of coaching, showing the way to a fulfilling, authentic career.

    Let's dive deeper into her story and learn about her challenges, triumphs, and the power of finding purpose. 

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  • Mastering Networking: 5 Secrets To Rock Informational Interviews
    07/27/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Mastering Networking: 5 Secrets to Rock Informational Interviews

    Discover the Secret to Landing Your Dream Job: The Power of Informational Interviews! In today's competitive job market, making the right connections can be the ultimate game-changer for your career. Imagine engaging in relaxed and meaningful conversations with professionals in your desired field, gaining valuable insights, and unlocking exciting opportunities. Say goodbye to nerve-wracking job interviews, and hello to the world of informational interviews! This blog post is a must-read if you're ready to take control of your career trajectory and make meaningful connections. Learn five essential tips to master the art of informational interviews and unleash your full potential in the job market. Click "Read More" and embark on a journey of discovery and growth, opening doors you never knew existed!

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  • Seize The Summer: Find Clarity, Land Your Dream Job
    05/31/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Seize the Summer: Find Clarity, Land Your Dream Job

    Can you believe it's already summer? The sun is shining, the days are longer, and the possibilities seem endless. If you're one of those corporate professionals who's had enough of your current job and are itching for a change, this summer might be the turning point you've been waiting for. In this blog post, we'll dive into three steps to help you make the most of this season and get you closer to landing your dream job by the end of the year. So, grab your sunglasses, and let's get started!

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  • How to Successfully Ask for a Raise
    05/26/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    How to Successfully Ask for a Raise

    Let’s face it: We all want to make more money. We might have ambition or want to take on more projects. Or we might want to be rewarded for loyalty or completing a big project on time and under budget.

    But having those difficult conversations of asking for a raise can be trickier. It’s hard to broach the concept of money with management, particularly because you might not be sure what your flexibility in numbers is or what kind of options exist. 

    One thing to do is research — determine what your profession pays people. You also need to figure out what’s stopping you from asking for a raise. For some people, they aren’t comfortable with the conversation. Some think they might be termed pushy. Or perhaps it's a lack of confidence or self-doubt, or maybe they just haven’t taken the time to sit down and reflect and analyze what they’ve accomplished in their role up to this point.

    So how can you get over your worries and instead ask for (and get) the raise you deserve? This blog offers some ideas. 


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  • 4 Fresh Ideas for Summer Networking and Career Growth
    05/17/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    4 Fresh Ideas for Summer Networking and Career Growth

    Discover four fun ideas to ignite your career this summer! In this blog post, we'll explore innovative networking techniques, engaging team activities, finding work-life balance through passion pursuits, and the power of sharing your career goals. Get ready to supercharge your professional growth and make meaningful connections. Let's make this summer a transformative season for your career.

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  • 5 Questions to Unlock New Opportunities this Summer
    05/05/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Achieve Career Success: 5 Questions to Unlock New Opportunities this Summer

    Are you feeling stuck and uncertain about your career path? This summer, seize the opportunity to recalibrate your mindset and find clarity. In this blog post, learn invaluable insights and practical steps to navigate career confusion, align your values, explore your aspirations, conduct a skills audit, and facilitate professional growth. Don't miss out on this transformative journey to unlock your potential and prepare for your next significant career step. Get ready to make September your time to shine!



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  • Find Your Dream Job Faster with AI Powered Tools
    04/30/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Find Your Dream Job Faster with 3 AI-Powered Tools

    If you're currently looking for a job, you know how time-consuming and overwhelming the process can be. Fortunately, LinkedIn has introduced three powerful AI tools that can help revolutionize your job search journey. In this post, we'll explore how Skills Match, Engage AI, and Chat GPT can help you find your dream job faster and more effectively. Whether you're just starting your job search or have been searching for a while, these tools can significantly impact your experience. So, let's dive in and see how AI can transform your job search process. Read more...

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  • AI-Proof Your Career: Tips For Staying Competitive And Relevant
    04/04/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    AI-proof your Career: Tips for Staying Competitive and Relevant

    As we enter a new era of technology, many people are worried about how artificial intelligence (AI) will affect their jobs. But let's get real for a minute: the impact of AI won't be the same for everyone. So, which professions should be keeping an eye on this potential threat?

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  • 10 Ways Open AI Can Revolutionize Your Job Search
    02/02/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    10 Ways Chat GPT Can Revolutionize Your Job Search

    10 Ways OpenAI Can Revolutionize Your Job Search: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

    One of the most exciting developments in the technology world is ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. This blog post will cover 10 ways to maximize your job search with Chat GPT by OpenAI. From resume analysis to salary negotiation, this tech can help save time and increase your job search success.

    It's like a superhero, but instead of saving the world, it's saving time in your job search.

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  • Purpose driven case study video with Isabella and KoriBurkholder
    02/01/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Empowering People to Thrive: My Journey from Teaching to Becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

    When Isabella reached out for support, she shared, "I just closed the teaching chapter on my career journey and struggled to clarify what to do next. I had ideas of what I was good at and passionate about, but I didn’t know what to do with those ideas. That’s when I found Kori".

    Discover the transformative story of Isabella, a former teacher who found herself at a crossroads in her career. She gained clarity through the Purpose-Driven Career Accelerator program, identified her passions, and embarked on a purposeful path. This article delves into the critical milestones of her journey.

    Here's Isabella's Story.

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