How To Turn a Perceived Career Weakness Into a Super Power

How To Turn a Perceived Career Weakness Into a Super Power

Recently I was coaching one of my Purpose Driven Career clients and we were diving into her strengths and weaknesses.

She loves to solve problems and create solutions and if there is no problem to solve, she becomes unmotivated. For the longest time, she saw this as a weakness that she needed to overcome.

As her coach, I could see this as a leadership skill. I saw her with a CEO mindset and suggested that this isn’t a problem, but a superpower! She was blown away by this realization and I could see her excitement about this new found clarity.

The other challenge is that when she identifies a problem to solve, she wants to offer the solution. When she has done this in the past to colleagues and/or upper management her passion is perceived as anger. She admits that she does go into these meetings in fight mode, fists up (a childhood pattern we had uncovered).

This is simply a skill that needs to be developed. Not something she has to live with for the rest of her life. I suggested she sign up for either a public speaking course or try a Toastmasters class to get support and feedback so she can work on her presentation skills and how she can come across with passion, rather than with anger.

Working on this challenge now is going to set her up for success in the future.

How can you turn one of your perceived career weaknesses into a super power?

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