Customized Private Events

Inspirality’s Customized Private Events

Friends Night Out/In and Celebrations

How many times do you ask your friends, “what do you feel like doing tonight? Or “I have to plan a bachelorette party, what should we do?” Creative session are designed to bring out the inner artist in all and best of all, have fun! Each session is customizable, unique and memorable.

Couples Night

This answer the question, “honey, what should we do tonight?” Creative sessions are designed to have fun, open up new ways of communicating, bring you closer together and an opportunity to solve problems within the creative activity, which translates into real life. Get a few couples together and get ready to paint!

Family Night

Nothing like a fun, light activity to do with your family! Designed for bonding, opening up new pathways of self expression, communication and proven to cause lots of laughs.

Outdoor retreats in unique places

Healing the Healers

Healers need TLC to rejuvenate their own spirit. Creative Sessions allow healers to explore and discover what they need and want. Perfect for addiction specialists, doctors, nurses, coaches, Reiki healers, etc.

Compliments education curriculums

Creative Sessions compliment any curriculum that doesn’t involve too much creativity. Designed to create new pathways of self-expression, solve problems and encourages teamwork. Perfect addition to math, science, business and language classes.

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