Welcome To The Future Self Visualization Fun Kit

The Future Self Visualization Fun Kit

Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about your ‘purpose’ in life? Do you ever wonder if there’s something more you should be doing? Welcome to Your Future Self Visualization Kit!

Get cool insights, stellar advice & creative inspiration from…the future you! You’re definitely not alone. Feeling “stuck” or “uncertain” most likely means you’re not in alignment with your creative power. “What heck does that mean?”

When you are IN alignment with your creative power, you’re fulfilled. You are contributing, making a difference, you breathe easier, you smile more, you’re more relaxed, life FLOWS.. (insert happy face) When you are OUT of alignment with your creative power, you feel unhappy, unfulfilled, uninspired, flat maybe even defeated, STUCK. (insert sad face).

If you are OUT of alignment right now, one powerful way to connect with your creative power and INto alignment is with the Future Self Visualization meditation. Visiting your Future Self gives you a detailed view of who you wish to be in 5,10,15 years from now. Your Future Self is a pathway into your unconscious mind and a bridge to the most positive part of yourself. From here, you get the bigger picture, you get ah-ha moments, advice, insights, inspiration and wisdom! Often times it’s one positive step towards becoming UNSTUCK. Once you you discover your Future Self, you can always go to this place of clarity, certainty, positivity, inspiration anytime, anywhere! It’s like having your advice expert.

With that said…. Are you in?


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