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Inspirality offers customizable onsite and virtual team-building corporate events that combine creativity, art-making, fun, and relaxation that strengthen professional relationships and foster out of the box thinking.

Team Building & Bonding Creative Experiences

Experiences that turn co-workers into friends and friends into family. Thomas Merton wrote: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Inspirality provides participants with a fun, interactive group art activity that fosters creativity and strengthens professional relationships in a relaxed and friendly environment. This innovative approach will unleash imagination, collaboration and creativity in your employees with the artwork providing an inspirational reminder of their collective experience. These are interactive team-building experiences that can be customized to meet your team’s specific goals. Perfect for office holiday parties, celebrations, milestones, moral and communication building, or if your team just need some team fun!

The benefits of hosting a Creative Art Experience:

During the course of our events, your participants will laugh a lot, bond and communicate on a whole new level – and learn things about each other that you never knew – often after years of working together!

Strengthens Relationships & Communication:

  • Deepens bonds between co-workers
  • Facilitates inter-departmental bonding/introduction and therefore cooperation
  • Participants are encouraged to share ideas, however abstract, and discuss their creative process with the group

Fosters Creativity, Confidence & Team Work

  • Since it is an art expression, people strive to do their best, but are aware that it is not competitive
  • It is not by physical references, but through group discussion that participants formulate their plan
  • Learning to trust one’s own intuition makes one more decisive when it comes to making personal and business decisions

What kinds of experiences do you offer?

Round Robin Painting Experience

This creative experience allows individuals to experience what it’s like to be on the receiving end of an unfinished project, to work through a creative brainstorming process as a team, give up control and trust team members. We break up into teams of 4 and the groups discuss different themes (could be work or personal) they’d like to paint and decide on 6. They roll the dice and whatever it lands on, that’s the theme they will paint as a team. Here’s the catch! They will have 10 minutes to get started on their painting and then be asked to move to their right to the next person’s canvas, add to their painting, and again 10 minutes later switch and so on until they land back at their original art piece they started.

Art Project: Acrylic painting on canvas

Paint Your Dreams Into Reality – Signature Program!

This goal oriented activity challenges participants to get clear on a single goal they’d like to achieve within the next year (career, personal, business). Once there’s clarity, individuals get to enjoy a creative experience that blends intention, visualization, interactive dialog and coaching to help individuals and teams move through blocks, and powerfully ask for what they need next to bring it into reality. The session culminates in a fluid watercolor experience incorporating the inspiration we’ve gathered along the way to create a visual touchstone that represents the dream and goal. This experience provides a sort of mental incubation period that can enhance creative thinking, long-term planning, and self awareness.

Art Project/Materials: Watercolors, paper, pencils, pens

Your Visual Business Plan: Storyboard Your Success

This fun and energizing workshop is designed for individuals and teams to think big and create more clarity around work, business and life goals. Using a business plan structure as inspiration, the workshop will provide opportunities for deep self inquiry, group feedback and coaching to clarify goals. We’ll tap into the collective creativity to craft a mixed media art project which can serve as a road map for investing your time and energy. Team members will walk away knowing their destination and what the first steps are on your journey – including ideas for partnerships, marketing and PR and clarity about your income goals. This visual, intuitive approach frees the mind to see new possibilities and keeps individuals motivated and inspired. Can be designed for individuals, teams or on a company level.

Art Project: Mixed Media (magazines, glue, scissors) on Canvas Boards

“With Gratitude, Me” Card Making Playshop

Perfect for the holiday season! It’s no secret that expressing gratitude improves mental, physical and relational well-being. Why not take that positive energy into the office? Take the focus off the individual and think of someone on the team or family or friends – anyone they’d like to express gratitude for someone else’s contributions, their talents and their actions. When we consciously practice being grateful for the people, situations and resources around us we begin to attract better relationships and results. There’s nothing quite like opening your mailbox and getting a handmade card of gratitude! Stamps are provided! This is just a FEEL GOOD, CREATIVE activity.

Art Project: paper, glue, stickers, pens, crayons, card stock and envelopes.

Start That Sh*t: Inspired Action Playshop

No waiting until tomorrow! It’s time to get those ideas out of your head and into action. In this fun, energizing playshop individuals and teams get to focus on ONE area in business, career or life that’s been swimming around in their minds for weeks, months, maybe even years. This Playshop will inspire them to TAKE ACTION NOW! Individuals and teams get professional coaching to help clarify goals, brainstorm inspired actions, work through any doubts that come up, and encouragement and support from the group. Come in with an idea and leave with it in motion with a 6-12-month inspired action plan and a sense of purpose and clarity in the next steps moving forward.

About Kori Burkholder

Kori Burkholder is a professional ICF certified coach specializing in career fulfillment and creativity. She’s an artist and the Founder of Inspirality, Transformational Creative Experiences for Adults. She’s the co-founder of VitaminR, a well-being and creative innovation company and teaches at prestigious holistic centers such as The Open Center, 92nd Street Y, Wainwright House and MahaRose. She has a diverse creative professional background in digital media marketing and entertainment working at E! Entertainment in on-air casting, wardrobe design on Dawson’s Creek, creative work at BBDO Advertising and mobile marketing at TVT Records. Kori has successfully transitioned careers many times over the last 20+ years and now loves helping others discover their passion and purpose and find and land careers that are more aligned with their big vision and core values.

About Inspirality

At the root of the Inspirality Method is Intention. It’s about getting in touch with long lost dreams and goals whether it be personal, business or career. Being busy professionals we tend to get buried in the day to day and often put others needs first. An Inspirality session is designed to focus on YOU and YOUR GOALS. Using creativity as the modality for turning dreams into reality you will get clear on your intention, you will be able to articulate it with clarity and confidence and you will get into action right away. Topics include: Crafting Your Big Vision, Connecting To Your Why, Transforming Inner Critics, Connecting To Your Most Powerful Self, Positive Mindset Workouts, Mindmapping Your Vision, Sharing & Declaring Your Vision and Getting Into Action with an Inspired Plan! ​

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“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”

Albert Einstein

Client Testimonials

“Highly recommended!”

“The experience enabled my crew to unlock some of its hidden potential when collaborating on a project involving full hands-on (and at times hands-off) effort and reveal some of the individual traits which were previously hidden beneath the surface. But beyond the observable and theoretical value derived from such an exercise, it was simply a fun activity, turning co-workers into friends and into family.”

-Mike Laserev, Chief Architect – Redi Global Technology

“Different from any other corporate event I’ve ever been a part of!”

“Besides being a fun team building exercise, the Inspirality workshop gets people’s creative juices flowing and helps them gain perspective of their co-workers by showing a facet of their personality that is rarely seen on a work environment. There is really a “before and after” effect that makes the workshop worthwhile and different from any other corporate ones I’ve ever been a part of”.

-Adrian Rubio, SVP Business Development – Bucksense

“Creativity is a function of leadership. It requires navigating uncharted territory and having the courage to face adversity to bring your vision into fruition.”

Linda Naiman