What I Don’t Want vs. What I Do Want Exercise

What I…

DON’T Want

What I…

DO Want

Sometimes we have no idea what we want in our lives and careers anymore and can get overwhelmed even just thinking about it. This exercise takes the stress out of it and makes it quite simple to figure it out by starting to think about what you don’t want. If you have a terrible situation at work, that’s a great place to start! For example, “I don’t want a boss who yells”, “I don’t want so much structure”, “I don’t want a huge company”, etc. See how this informs what you do want? Your turn!


  1. Print this out or make your own version.
  2. Start with column ‘What I Don’t Want’. Write out everything you can possibly think of that you DON’T WANT  in regards to career, business and life. (This is simply the act of releasing and to help you get clear on what you DO want)
  3. Once you’ve exhausted your Don’t Wants, move over to the ‘What I DO Want’ column. GO FREE, DREAM BIG, DON’T HOLD BACK!
  4. Tear it in ½ vertically so that Don’t Want/ Do Want is separate from each
  5. Ceremonially, rip up the ‘I Don’t Want’ into tiny pieces, burn it, flush it.
  6. Now, it’s time to focus and start building your career, business and life around what you DO want!

WHAT I DON’T WANT                    WHAT I DO WANT

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