Brittany's Case Study: From Lawyers To First Responder

Recruiting with Purpose: Transitioning from Lawyers to First Responders

Witnessing Brittany's journey has been awe-inspiring, from her Brooklyn roots to the crossroads of career confusion. We explored her values, passions, and strengths, forging a purposeful path. Her transformation reflects the profound impact of coaching, showing the way to a fulfilling, authentic career.

Let's dive deeper into her story and learn about her challenges, triumphs, and the power of finding purpose. 

Finding Meaning in Recruitment: My Shift from Lawyers to First Responders

I'm Brittany, and my journey began in Brooklyn, New York. I went through a career transition and faced a whirlwind of changes in my life. With a background in human resources, specializing in recruitment and retention, I felt lost and uncertain. Seeking guidance and support, I contacted Kori Burkholder, a career coach.

Navigating Challenges and Unveiling Self-Discovery

It all started when I faced significant changes in my life - a move from Brooklyn and beginning a new chapter as a married woman in Westchester, NY. Amidst all these changes, I couldn't shake this feeling of being unsettled personally and professionally. I realized that I wasn't happy with my current job, and that's when the questions about my career choices and true purpose began to emerge.

Talking to Kori, I realized I yearned for something more meaningful in my career. I wanted to find a job and a workplace that aligned with my values and passions. My ultimate goal was to gain a sense of purpose, strike a better work-life balance, achieve financial stability, and leverage my talents and skills - all essential to me.

We embarked on a self-discovery journey, delving into various aspects of my life. We explored my values, passions, skills, work motivators, and ideal working environment. It was an eye-opening experience that helped me understand my true self better and laid the foundation for my career transformation.

Triumph of Transformation: Embracing Purpose and Growth

One of my significant challenges was dealing with a manager who loved to micromanage. I learned to approach this situation proactively by clearly communicating my work motivators, which could positively impact the team if met. While the outcome was different from what I had hoped for, it made me realize that the nature of my work in Law recruiting didn't truly fulfill me.

Through this journey of self-exploration, I discovered my true passion: building meaningful relationships and connecting with people. I felt the most fulfilled when I could use my favorite skills - interviewing people, community outreach, and community engagement. It dawned on me how essential it was to work in a field that aligned with my core values and allowed me to impact others positively.

Once I realized that it wasn't necessarily the career path that was the issue but rather the company culture and the micromanaging environment, my approach to the job search shifted significantly. With this newfound knowledge about what mattered, I started looking for online job opportunities aligned more closely with my values. I also discovered through this process that I now preferred working in an office environment over remote work, which helped narrow my job search even further. 

As I scoured numerous job descriptions, one particular opportunity caught my eye. It was still in the recruiting field but with a unique focus on recruiting first responders. This immediately resonated with me, and I knew I had to pursue it, so I applied for the role. I seamlessly progressed through each round and received a job offer, negotiating a 10% increase in salary, making the offer even more rewarding.

I've been in my new job for a month, which has been fulfilling. The chance to help place first responders into new roles fills me with a sense of purpose that positively impacts the lives of those who dedicate themselves to serving others.

It’s been a refreshing change as I embrace a five-day workweek, cherishing my relaxing morning commutes to the office and camaraderie with my new co-workers. 

My new workplace is also a melting pot of diversity, with individuals from various backgrounds, including veterans who have served our country. This rich mix enhances my work experience and provides valuable opportunities to learn and collaborate with people with unique perspectives. The office's creative atmosphere also brings out the best in me, and I love exchanging ideas with people from diverse backgrounds.

Moreover, my boss has shown unwavering trust in my abilities. During my first week, she entrusted me with essential responsibilities, emphasizing that she hired me because she believed in my competence. This trust and independence fuel my confidence and allow me to excel in my new role.

As I explored the role of the value of faith in my life, I initially thought I could only find it in a faith-based organization. However, I was pleasantly surprised that my current workplace was open and accepting of my beliefs. This newfound harmony between my faith and work life brought me immense happiness and added to my overall satisfaction.

Learning from my career transformation, I now prioritize a healthier balance between my personal and professional life. I cherish quality time with my husband and family, volunteer in Westchester, and participate in social activities that bring me joy.

I'm in a whirlwind of growth and transformation. Each day brings exciting opportunities to make a difference and contribute to something I genuinely care about. The sense of purpose I experience surpasses anything I have felt before, making the journey worth every effort. With this stability, I have the space to explore passion projects that align with my faith and other interests, such as fashion and HR.

I look forward to continuing my personal and professional growth outside of work.

Your Path to Purpose Awaits

My career journey with Kori has been transformative. I've found fulfillment in my work and personal life by aligning my values with my career goals. My story is a testament to the power of seeking guidance and unlocking your true potential when feeling lost in your career. If you're contemplating a career change and need guidance and support, Kori can help you achieve your goals. I say do it!

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