4 Tips: How To Set Boundaries At Work

If you don't set boundaries at work you will constantly feel overworked, stressed and even resentful towards your manager or company, which takes a huge toll on your physical, mental health and your overall wellbeing.

I've been working with Rebecca, a property manager who's suffering from saying yes to everything that comes her way at work out of fear of being fired. She's a young mother, working full time and trying to launch her dream business.

She's stressed out dealing with mean clients who yell at her, resent her company, and take full advantage of her. The stress has taken a toll on her well-being, her relationships, and, worst of all, taking time away from her toddler.

We've been working on setting personal boundaries, and I wanted to share some nuggets of gold just in case you are dealing with something similar at work.

4 tips on how to set boundaries at work:

  1. You have to understand your boundaries. If you don't know them, you won't know what to ask for. But, hint! They come from your values and life's priorities.
  2. Communicate your values and life's priorities to whoever needs to know them. Perhaps set up a meeting with your boss and say something like, "Moving forward, I will be offline between 7 pm-8 am." I realize this may be difficult, especially if you've been in the same place and people are used to you being available 24-7. But, once you are clear on your boundaries, you can take baby steps and slowly try to create these new structures. If you are starting in a new role, create these boundaries from the beginning!  
  3. Don't say YES to everything that comes your way out of fear. I know it's easier said than done, but if you've got tons on your plate right now, tell whoever needs to know all of those things, maybe even create a list, review it with them and ask them, "I'm stretched pretty thin right now, so what is the highest priority on this list?" That will clearly show them all you have going on, and they get to decide.
  4. Take your PTO! That's what it's for. Schedule it into your calendar and do something fun. Work on your hobbies. Go on a weekend getaway. Start that side hustle. Whatever it is, refill your tank to be your best self at work.

I know you want to prove that you are a valuable team member (pssst, you already are!). But, when it takes a toll on your mental well-being and your physical health, that's where you need to draw the line. 

Think about it this way. When you stand up for yourself and create boundaries, you will be healthier and show up at work as a better employee, take fewer sick days, be more productive during work hours, and smile more. Better yet, you might even make the company more money and have more mental space to develop better solutions. So there are tons of benefits for both you and your employer.

Please share with us in the Facebook group what you did to create boundaries and what occurred because of it.


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