4 Tips to Set Boundaries At Work

4 Tips to Set Boundaries & Reclaim Your Sanity at Work

Have you ever dreamed of a relaxing bubble bath, only to be interrupted by a work email? Feeling constantly on call can be draining, both physically and emotionally. Today, Kori Burkholder, founder of the Purpose Driven Career Accelerator Program, is here to share the story of Rebecca, a client who transformed her overwhelming work life into one of balance and fulfillment by setting boundaries.

Imagine yourself in Rebecca's shoes. A working mom juggling a demanding job as an Airbnb property manager, the exciting (but time-consuming) launch of a new business venture, and the joys of parenthood. Rebecca's phone is her lifeline – guests can check in anytime, and a happy guest experience is her top priority. But this constant availability comes at a cost. Rebecca is exhausted, disconnected from her family, and struggling to find time to dedicate to her dream of financial independence through real estate. She longs for evenings to connect with her daughter, Emily, without worrying about work emails interrupting playtime or bedtime stories.

Why Boundaries Matter and How They Help You Thrive

Many ambitious women, like Rebecca, find it difficult to say no at work. This "yes" culture can lead to several problems:

Constant Stress and Burnout

Without boundaries, you're stretched thin, just like Rebecca. Her demanding work schedule leaves her exhausted and unable to fully enjoy time with her family or pursue her goal of buying her first rental property. The constant pressure to be "on" hinders her ability to research investment opportunities or attend property viewings, putting her long-term dream on hold.

Unrealistic Expectations

By continually saying yes, you train colleagues and bosses to overload you. Rebecca's situation is a prime example. By always being available, she's inadvertently conditioned her manager to expect her to handle everything, even outside regular business hours.

Negative Impact on Well-being

The lack of boundaries harms your physical and mental health. Rebecca's constant stress affects her sleep, patience, and overall well-being. It's also hindering her ability to focus on building her business because she's too exhausted in her "free" time to follow the tasks on her business plan.

The Power of Boundaries: Reclaim Your Time and Boost Your Success

Setting boundaries isn't selfish – it's essential for success! Here's how boundaries can benefit you, just like they benefited Rebecca:

Increased Control and Power

With clear boundaries, you can reclaim control of your workload and work-life balance. Imagine Rebecca with dedicated time for her daughter, her business, and some much-needed rest. Boundaries empower you to create a schedule that works for you and allows you to pursue your long-term goals.

Enhanced Productivity

A well-rested and focused you is a more productive you. When Rebecca established boundaries, she could prioritize tasks during designated work hours, leading to more efficient guest service.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Boundaries create space for your personal life and hobbies. A happier and healthier Rebecca is a better mom, employee, and entrepreneur.

The 4-Step Boundary-Setting Method: Take Charge of Your Work Life

Ready to follow Rebecca's lead and set boundaries at work? Here's Kori Burkholder's proven 4-step method to help you take back control:

1. Know Yourself
The first step is understanding your values and priorities. What truly matters to you? For Rebecca, it was quality time with her family and dedication to building her new business. Once you identify your core values, you'll know what boundaries you need to set.

2. Communicate Clearly
Don't be afraid to speak up! Once you know your boundaries, communicate them clearly to your manager and colleagues. Rebecca, for example, could discuss setting specific work hours that exclude nights and weekends and propose solutions, like having an after-hours on-call rotation with a colleague, to ensure guest needs are met while protecting her time.

Remember, you're not being difficult; you're advocating for yourself. Here's a helpful script you can adapt: "Hi [Manager's name], I wanted to discuss my workload and availability. Moving forward, I'd like to establish regular work hours of [your desired hours]. To ensure guest needs are met outside of these hours, I propose we explore an after-hours on-call rotation with [colleague's name]."

3. The Power of No
Learning to politely decline extra work is crucial. If you are being stretched too thin, don't be afraid to say no. But always be sure to think of mutually beneficial solutions. For instance, I suggest Rebecca list all her tasks and break them down into the hours it takes her to complete them. The point is to SHOW how stretched she is. This will most likely surprise you and your manager. Then, ask who on the team has the capacity or what can be taken from your task list to make space for this new task.

4. Use Your PTO (Paid Time Off)
Don't let your vacation days go to waste! Taking time off is essential for your physical and mental well-being and ultimately benefits your work. Planned vacations or weekend getaways would allow Rebecca to recharge and return to work feeling refreshed and focused, ready to tackle guest needs with renewed energy.

Ready to Set Boundaries and Thrive?
Don't wait until you're burnt out! Setting boundaries is an investment in your overall well-being and career success. Are you struggling to juggle work, family, and your dreams? If you're feeling overwhelmed and need help establishing healthy boundaries at work, I invite you to book a free 15-minute consultation with me. Together, we can develop personalized strategies for a healthier work-life balance and a more fulfilling career.

Remember: Taking control of your workload and prioritizing your well-being isn't selfish; it's essential for success. Start setting boundaries today and watch your productivity, happiness, and ability to chase your dreams soar!

Just like Rebecca, you can achieve a work-life balance that allows you to be a successful professional, a present parent, and an entrepreneur pursuing your passions. It all starts with setting boundaries and taking charge of your time.

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