Purpose Driven Careers: Hannah's Success Story

Hannah's Journey: How She Scored Her Dream Job With An 18% Raise

Are you tired of the Sunday scaries dragging you down? A recent study by Gallup has found that only 29% of millennials are engaged at work, meaning only about three in 10 are emotionally and behaviorally connected to their job and company. Hannah's story is for you if you're ready to break free and find a job you love!


Feeling Disconnected and Unfulfilled

Hannah, a driven and ambitious young professional, found herself disconnected from the mission of her software company after four years. The initial challenge and excitement had waned, replaced by stagnation and the dreaded Sunday scaries. She felt stuck and unfulfilled, knowing she needed a change but unsure where to start. "Every Sunday night, a wave of dread would wash over me," Hannah confided. "I knew I needed a change, but I had no idea where to start."

A Spark of Hope

While battling the "Monday blues" and questioning her career path, Hannah discovered my videos. Resonating with the message, she knew it was time to take action and reignite her professional spark. She reached out and decided to join the Purpose-Driven Career Accelerator Program about 8 months ago.

Brainstorming Call: Uncovering the Root Cause

During our initial call, Hannah explored the reasons behind her unhappiness. She realized she no longer felt aligned with the company's mission or passionate about the software product. Having learned all she could in her role, she yearned for new challenges but feared change. Despite her unhappiness, the comfort of familiarity and close work relationships kept her tethered to her current position. "I was feeling a bit lost and needed support to give me some direction to figure out where I wanted to go next," she said.

A Longing for More

Hannah envisioned a future where she contributed to a cause she believed in, potentially in the non-profit or social enterprise sector. She wanted a career path that offered continuous learning and advancement and a supportive, collaborative work environment with a healthy work-life balance, including a hybrid model. "I really wanted to find something that aligned with my values and gave me a sense of purpose," she explained.

The Devil's Advocate: The Cost of Inaction

I challenged Hannah to consider the consequences of staying put. The Sunday scaries could worsen, impacting both her mental health and personal life. By taking action now, Hannah could prevent feeling stuck and unfulfilled for another year. "Thinking about the long-term impact of staying in a role that made me unhappy really pushed me to make a change," she admitted.

Overcoming Obstacles

Hannah faced several roadblocks on her path to a fulfilling career. While she had a general idea of what she didn’t want, pinpointing her ideal path was challenging. Concerns about her resume, interview skills, and the competitive job market added to her anxiety. The fear of leaving a comfortable situation and the shame of feeling like a failure also held her back. "It was daunting to think about leaving a stable job and facing the unknown," she confessed.

Defining Goals and Taking Action

One of Hannah’s primary goals was to start applying and interviewing for new roles by the end of the program. However, her journey included a unique twist: a month-long sabbatical that her company offered after four years of service. Initially unsure about taking this break, Hannah decided to seize the opportunity. This time off allowed her to reflect deeply on her career and life goals.

Returning from the sabbatical, Hannah had to stay at her company for six more months. Despite the challenge of going back to a job, she was ready to leave, and the plan we developed together kept her motivated. We mapped out a detailed month-by-month and week-by-week strategy, setting clear benchmarks for networking, resume updates, and job applications. This structured approach helped her maintain focus and momentum. "Having a plan and breaking it down into bite-sized goals made the whole process feel more manageable," she noted.

Taking the Leap

With guidance from the program, Hannah embarked on a journey of self-discovery and career exploration. The program provided a framework to clarify her values and goals, identify what truly mattered to her in a career, and develop a strategic plan with actionable steps to achieve her desired future. We refined her resume, honed her interviewing skills, and navigated the job market together, developing strategies to combat negative self-talk and embrace change. "The small bite-sized pieces made the whole process a lot more attainable and helped me to stay on track," she added.

Achieving Career Milestones

Following the plan diligently, Hannah revamped her resume and optimized her LinkedIn profile, which attracted recruiters’ attention. She secured two job offers simultaneously, an exciting yet challenging situation to navigate. Ultimately, Hannah chose a role that aligned perfectly with her values and career aspirations, starting her new job on a significant date—April 1, a goal we had set during our sessions. "Getting two offers and making a decision on my birthday was an incredible feeling," she recalled.

Landing the Dream Job: From Stuck to Thriving

Through hard work and our coaching, Hannah landed not one but two job offers! She ultimately chose a position perfectly aligned with her values, offering a stimulating work environment, a chance to make a positive impact, and a significant salary increase. More importantly, Hannah feels energized and excited about her future career path. "I’m making 18% more than I was before, and I’m thrilled to be working in a role that aligns with my values," she said.

The ROI of Career Coaching

Thinking career coaching might be a luxury? Think again! Investing in your career can yield significant financial returns. Hannah's program costs $5400, but her raise translates to an additional $18,000 annually – a clear win! "The coaching program more than paid for itself," Hannah confirms.

Industry research backs this up. Studies show strong returns on coaching investment. According to the International Society for Performance Improvement, coaching boasts a 221% ROI. Additionally, 62% of coaching clients report improved career opportunities (2009 ICF Global Coaching Study). Beyond financials, a study in Frontiers in Psychology suggests coaching can reduce procrastination and facilitate goal attainment. The Journal of Applied Psychology also highlights how mentored employees often receive higher compensation and promotions and experience greater career satisfaction.

Moving Forward

Hannah is now in a growth mindset and is excited about her future and professional development. She feels liberated from the pressure and weight of her previous job and is eager to explore new opportunities. "I’m excited to be in a new headspace, learning something new, and being in a growth mindset," she shared. Another client, Sydney, shared, "The program was a game-changer for me. It helped me get out of a very stressful job in a news media corporation, land my dream job in the less intense audiobook industry, increase my salary and sanity, and instill confidence and clarity about my career path."

Hannah's Advice for Others

Hannah advises those contemplating a career change but hesitant to act on those initial instincts before desperation sets in. She emphasizes the importance of starting the process early and giving yourself the time to work through a comprehensive program like ours. "Take the leap before desperation sets in. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes," she advised.

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Final Thoughts From Kori

I’m incredibly proud of Hannah for her dedication and perseverance. Her story is a testament to the power of planning, manifesting goals, and staying committed through ups and downs. If you’re feeling stuck like Hannah once did, I encourage you to reach out for a quick 15-minute call to explore your options. Schedule a free 15-minute brainstorming call today to receive a personalized career assessment and see what’s possible for you!

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