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Find Your Purpose, Live Your Passion: Discover Your Dream Job Through Values

Client Spotlight: How Nicole Combined Travel, Teaching, and Writing by Following Her Passions

Many successful women in their 30s find themselves stuck, yearning for more. Does your career feel like a slow leak, draining your energy and passion? You're not alone.

Meet Nicole, who used coaching to find her dream of having a lived experience in Japan through teaching English—a country she'd always dreamed of exploring! Her story will inspire you to discover your core values and ignite your career spark. Get ready to design a life and career that lights you up!

Have you ever dreamt of waking up each day excited to explore a new country like Japan? For Nicole Bailey, that dream became a reality. But her journey wasn't easy. Feeling trapped in a confining role in International Relations, Nicole's energy and passion slowly drifted away. This experience is all too familiar for many successful women in their 30s. They've achieved success, climbed the corporate ladder, or built a solid career path, yet a nagging question lingers: "Is this all there is?" Like many others, Nicole craved more.

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Success Can Feel Empty Without Alignment
Despite past successes with career changes and promotions, Nicole felt a gnawing sense of misalignment. She joined the coaching program with a clear mission: "I wanted to develop skills to crush fear, anxiety, and procrastination," Nicole explains. "I craved a clear path for growth and consistency. And my biggest dream was to create multiple income streams using my creativity."

A Values-Driven Awakening
Determined to find more meaning, Nicole embarked on a journey of self-discovery through coaching. A pivotal moment came during a session on values. "We had this session on values," Nicole recalls, "and I had never really examined them before like that. It was a true 'aha moment' for me, and even two years later, I still think about it." This session exposed a crucial disconnect between Nicole's core principles and career path. "My job was just okay; that's what caused the disconnect," she says. "Who I am now simply didn't align with some aspects of my career."

Feeling Stuck? It Happens to the Best of Us
This feeling is familiar to many women in their 30s who have achieved success but long for more purpose and fulfillment. Does this resonate with you? Take a few minutes to reflect on your core values. What truly matters to you? Imagine your ideal job or lifestyle. What qualities would it embody? Jot down a few words that capture these essential values. This simple exercise can be a powerful starting point for aligning your career with your deeper purpose.

From Stuck to Unstoppable: Taking Action
The coaching program wasn't just about identifying the problem. It was about equipping Nicole with the tools to create a solution. Through goal-setting exercises and self-reflection prompts, Nicole unearthed a buried dream: to combine her love for writing and photography into a book project! "The idea was there, but the coaching program helped me connect the dots," Nicole explains. This project is now a reality – Nicole's book,"In My Mind: A Collection of Poetry and Photography From a Self-Professed Ambivert," is available on Amazon!

Accountability is Key: The Power of Partnership
Nicole's commitment extended beyond the program. Recognizing the importance of accountability, she saw her coach as a partner, not just a resource. This dedication played a crucial role in her success.

Living Proof: Purpose Breeds Fulfillment
Fast-forward to today and Nicole is living proof that purpose, passion, and skills can create a fulfilling life. She traded her homeland of Jamaica for the bustling streets of Japan to start a new chapter as an English teacher. "Japan is everything I dreamed it would be," Nicole beams. "The people are friendly, and the society is organized and disciplined. It feels like a perfect fit!"

Beyond the Book: Embracing Creativity and a New Culture
Nicole's journey extends far beyond professional success. She's also nurturing her creative side through photography and poetry. This perfect blend of purpose, passion, and skillset embodies the ultimate goal of the coaching program – to empower individuals to live a life they love.

From Client to Inspiration: A Message of Hope
Looking back, Nicole is incredibly grateful for the coaching experience. The program pushed her towards self-discovery and instilled the confidence to pursue her dreams. Nicole honed her time management skills and overcame her fear of putting herself out there creatively. "I'm just really grateful that the career coaching program pushed me, and it gave me that boost of confidence that I could do what I was talking about," Nicole says. "And that made it even better for me." Feeling genuinely understood, Nicole credits her coach's belief in her "crazy ideas" as a turning point.

Considering Coaching? Take a Leap of Faith
"Financially, Nicole was initially hesitant to invest in something unfamiliar. 'I had never done career coaching before,' she admits. 'But after some research, I knew it was the right choice.' Nicole took a leap of faith, and it paid off. Here's her advice: 'Do your research, just like I did before choosing my coach's program. Explore the website, watch videos, and think outside the box. Take a leap of faith and do something different! Financially, it was a big decision, but the return on investment has been incredible. It's more than just a career change; it's a life transformation.'"

Are You Ready to Ignite Your Spark?
Feeling a similar disconnect? Is your current job draining your energy and enthusiasm? If you're ready to take control and design a career you love, download your free guide, "Purpose-Driven Career Quiz," and schedule a complimentary 15-minute brainstorming session to discuss your goals. Start your journey today!

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