How To Change Careers With Courage and Confidence

When Katherine came to us a few months ago, she felt unfulfilled at the end of each workday. She knew she wanted a change and to do something more impactful in her career. 

Sure, she was making good money, but she had become stagnant in her role, and she knew one thing - she didn't want to look back with regrets thinking she should have pursued something different. The impact her current work situation was having on her was stress and anxiety, and that stress would often bleed into her nights and weekends.

She decided to take the leap of faith and overcome her fears like fear of the unknown, taking a pay cut, and failing to step into a future that energizes and inspires her.


Fast forward six months into the future, and she just landed in her new job, in a new city, and a new industry without taking a pay cut! She got a job offer from her then-current job and her new dream job. Ultimately, she decided to go with the unique opportunity, and she's just three weeks into it, but she shares she's never been happier, and she is looking forward to what the future has in store.

Tune into Katherine's journey here.

"I felt stuck and frustrated for a couple of years in my job, and I couldn't pinpoint why. So I tried changing a couple of variables over the years like location, company, and team, and it got a little bit better, and then it just kept going back to this place. I didn't even know where to begin making a change and try to uncover what I wanted to do, so I felt like I needed help from an expert.

One fear I had was, what if I invest time and money into this, and it doesn't go anywhere?  But then I realized, what if I don’t and nothing changes? 

If anything, this will be an important step forward even if I came out of it without actually taking a new job. I will have learned much more about myself and what drives me and have gotten some of that clarity. 

It was clear from the get-go I’d need to reshuffle certain things to make sure that this was a priority. I valued the group coaching sessions because I could learn from the other participants. The process forced me to drill down deep and look at myself in ways I have never done before, so I walked away with a better understanding of myself which I applied to all areas of my life beyond my career. 

As a result, I found courage.

I ultimately got the courage to tell my boss that I was looking for new opportunities in line with my making a move back to Chicago. 

And the courage to make a jump to leave my comfortable career even with a promotion dangled in front of me to get me to stay, which I turned down because I knew that would bring me back to the same place. It might be better for a couple of months, but I would be ultimately unhappy.

Now I'm in recruiting! In hindsight, I was like, of course, I would enjoy this. Why didn't I think of this before? I’m one month in. I realize how much better I feel because I'm doing something that drives me on so many levels that I didn't know before. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I worked with you and went through this journey.

I have returned to the work I did in the program a handful of times in preparation for interviewing and my new job.

Working with my new boss, she's asked me questions like, “what's your work style?” and “what are your motivators?” and I'm like, oh, I've got all this ready to go! They sound easy to answer, but you must be upfront and transparent with the people you work with.  It happened to align nicely with my new company's values, which clicked for me to know this was the right move. I've just been surprised by how often I've returned to those, and I have them saved on my new computer. 

I have a lot to learn in my new job as a recruiter. But, still, it's all good things, like what this role is, what this industry is, getting up to speed on all of that fun stuff, and also just having patience and grace with myself, knowing that this is an entirely new world than what I've been used to and building my expertise.  And I’m working towards defining those goals on this new career path short term, but I'm looking ahead five years down the road. I could see myself expanding this into other related fields, and it's so exciting to me, so yes, just a whole new motivation!

I knew that this would be a worthwhile investment at this stage in my life, and at the end of this journey, however long, I would be happier. If you are on the fence about joining the program, the clarity and motivation you can get from this are unmatched, so 1000 times recommend it!"


If Katherine's story is resonating with you, book a quick 15-minute brainstorming call like Katherine did with me and I will work out if or how I can help you. If I can we will take the next step. If I can't, I will try to point you in the right direction. 


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