Becky's Career Transition Case Study

Career Transition Case Study: From Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff

"I dug myself out of business debt, secured a bridge job earning a great salary, later landing my dream job as Chief of Staff for a beverage start-up company making my first 6-figure salary!" – Becky M, a graduate of Purpose Driven Career program.

Entering the coaching program, I thought I would emerge with a clear picture of "yes, I am pursuing X job now at X salary," I was worried things would be too vague and wouldn’t see actionable results. 

That was not the case. I got organized. Kori helped me prioritize what matters, and once I began working with her, things started falling into place because of the steps we were building on in my sessions.

I solved many problems around closing my business, dug myself out of business debt, secured a bridge job earning a great salary, and later landed my dream job as Chief of Staff for a beverage start-up company making my first 6-figure salary! 

After the process, I see that I got a bigger picture result out of it. I gained clarity about my strengths and wants as a professional and saw patterns emerge around what I’m good at and what I enjoy doing. This has helped tremendously in my job search and also my current role. 

Before, I felt like I was trying to adapt to job descriptions instead of confidently knowing what I wanted in my next role. However, I now have a working blueprint of my skills and goals, which continues to help me make decisions. 

My mind shifted, and I could focus on the steps knowing a genuinely positive person was encouraging and holding me accountable. Each week's actions made all the difference in getting me through the transition with more confidence, support, and better tools at my disposal. 

Even one year after the program, I still use my blueprint, which helps me quickly evaluate opportunities. As a result, I feel more confident because I know what I have to offer and what I’m looking for. This bolsters my communication when speaking to potential employers, recruiters, and even my current boss.

The Career Clarity Method is approachable and a great way to evaluate where you are and where you want to go. Everyone can benefit from that at all stages, and I can’t think of a better person to guide someone through the process. 

Kori is approachable, patient, and positive. I’ve had other coaches spend sessions lecturing or giving their advice, where I’ve left feeling unheard. Instead, Kori patiently listened to where I was at with things and asked great questions, and in the end, I felt like I had more insight into myself and my professional journey.

Your sessions with Kori will always be fruitful, but doing the work outside your sessions leads to the most beneficial results. If you’re looking for bells and whistles with a quick fix, that’s a dime-a-dozen coach in NYC. But if you want someone who will listen and guide your process for honest self-awareness with a plan for real change and reflection, I can’t recommend Kori enough!  

Watch the full interview with Becky:

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