Purpose Driven Career Case Study: How Jessica Turned her Career Dreams Into a Reality

Purpose Driven Career Case Study: How Jessica Turned her Career Dreams Into a Reality

I am a career coach who loves helping young professionals find and land more purpose driven work that aligns with their values, interests and passions and the skills they enjoy using all while making an impact in the world.

I want to introduce you to Jessica, who just completed the Purpose Driven Career program. Learn about Jessica’s journey towards finding career clarity and how she stepped into and is now fully owning being an author and turning her childhood career dream into a reality.

Within 4 months of working together she’s written a book called "Women In Time and Space" and is now writing a mystery novel series and a book on Reflection.

This is what can happen in 4 months when you decide to dedicate your time and energy into your career growth. Career dreams do come true!

Watch our interview here:

"Before I decided to join the program I was burned out. I’m self employed and I love what I do, but I was at the end of my bandwidth and started thinking, is this what I want to be doing five to ten years down the road?

I realized I needed somebody to talk things out with and give me some guidance in figuring out what the next five to ten years look like for me. 

Should I continue on my career path? I’ve always wanted to write fiction and non fiction books, but I had this belief that I could not make enough money to support my family as an author. I just really needed to explore it and look at it from all angles and start making some more conscious proactive decisions around it.

Fast forward 4 months and my tiny tiny little book is coming out next month with a mystery novel series in the works! The biggest transformation was once I made the decision to step in fully as an author, I said, "okay this is it! This is the direction. It’s all or nothing now and I’m moving forward with it in a very serious way". 

The three biggest results from the program was getting crystal clear on the direction over the next five to ten years, which was absolutely huge! And then stepping into that author role in a very real way. The other thing was the mindset shift, which was like a flywheel, once it got going it just kind of perpetuated. I feel transformed on the other side of it and it’s amazing!

If you are on the fence about taking this program and unclear on your career direction this will give you the clarity that you need.  It’s such an interesting and amazing process to go through. You look at not just your career trajectory, but your whole life, your childhood, your dreams. It’s a whole picture, the whole person of who you are and what your skills are and what you could possibly do. I’d say if you’re unclear in any way on your career path this is such a good process to go through just to get that clarity."

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