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Career Clarity Brainstorming Call

  • Seize The Summer: Find Clarity, Land Your Dream Job
    05/31/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Seize the Summer: Find Clarity, Land Your Dream Job

    Can you believe it's already summer? The sun is shining, the days are longer, and the possibilities seem endless. If you're one of those corporate professionals who's had enough of your current job and are itching for a change, this summer might be the turning point you've been waiting for. In this blog post, we'll dive into three steps to help you make the most of this season and get you closer to landing your dream job by the end of the year. So, grab your sunglasses, and let's get started!

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  • 5 Questions to Unlock New Opportunities this Summer
    05/05/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Achieve Career Success: 5 Questions to Unlock New Opportunities this Summer

    Are you feeling stuck and uncertain about your career path? This summer, seize the opportunity to recalibrate your mindset and find clarity. In this blog post, learn invaluable insights and practical steps to navigate career confusion, align your values, explore your aspirations, conduct a skills audit, and facilitate professional growth. Don't miss out on this transformative journey to unlock your potential and prepare for your next significant career step. Get ready to make September your time to shine!



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  • Purpose driven case study video with Isabella and KoriBurkholder
    02/01/2023 - Kori Burkholder
    Empowering People to Thrive: My Journey from Teaching to Becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor

    When Isabella reached out for support, she shared, "I just closed the teaching chapter on my career journey and struggled to clarify what to do next. I had ideas of what I was good at and passionate about, but I didn’t know what to do with those ideas. That’s when I found Kori".

    Get inspired by Isabella's story: from having a few general ideas about her passions and career direction to gaining clarity and insight into what to pursue next.

    Here's Isabella's Story.

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  • 12/27/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    What comes next? Rebounding After a Mid Career Setback

    Covid was a life-altering experience for almost everyone on the planet. Some people struggled while others thrived. Early, mid to late professionals used Covid as the catalyst to reevaluate their lives and careers because their companies started to downsize, jobs were put on hold, job offers rescinded, and loss of business revenue were all catalysts for change. Jon, a mid-career professional, didn’t escape from having to pivot and rebound.

    When Jon came to us for support, he had shut down his preschool business after 11 years due to Covid. But, within those two years since, he took on a driving job to fill the employment gaps. Simultaneously, trying to transition into the education world in higher education but couldn’t get past the gatekeepers. So, he abandoned that approach, and from there, he was all over the place. 

    He was looking for coaching to give him a framework to be his best self. He needed help to focus, understand what drives and motivates him, narrow down a career path that gives him satisfaction, enjoyment, respect, and admiration from peers, coworkers, and family, and fill the financial void. 

    Here is Jon’s story...

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  • Purpose Driven Career Case Study with Stephanie
    09/05/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    How To Soul Search Before Your Job Search


    When Stephanie joined the program, her goal was to determine where her career was going and a solid path forward. She was looking to find purpose and passion in her life and career, help others, and figure out what that looked like in her next career move and beyond. Little did she know that she was about to embark on a soul-searching mission, and what she found at the end of the process was a big surprise.

    Here’s Stephanie’s Story:

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  • Marc and Kori's Purpose Driven Career Case Study Interveiw
    08/31/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    How To Launch Your Passion Project With A Full-Time Job


    Mark George is an alumnus of the purpose-driven career program, and I wanted to connect with him because he's got some exciting news.

    As a Career Coach, I speak with many professionals with passion projects and side hustle ideas. Still, they don't feel like they have the time, space, or energy because their day job takes up so much of that time. I know that can be frustrating, So I wanted to interview Marc, who will inspire us all, and you will see how he created the time and the space, even with a full-time job, to launch two of his passion projects. 

    Marc's story is for those who have a passion project ideas but are riddled with doubts and fears of failure or time constraints or have too many ideas and are stuck with indecision. 

    Here's Marc's story:

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  • Cynthia and Kori Purpose Driven Career Case Study Interview
    08/26/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    How To Fast Track An Internal Promotion And Raise


    When Cynthia reached out for support, her goal was ultimately to feel happy, motivated, and respected at work. She wanted the freedom to be herself in her day-to-day and make enough money to feel comfortable and spend a little extra on herself. 

    She wanted to move away from a similar job cycle and constantly second-guessing herself. She wanted to clarify her next career chapter, whether staying on her current career path or schooling. 

    What did that look like in reality? She didn’t know.

    Here is Cynthia's story:

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  • Jillian and Kori Purpose Driven Career Case Study Interview
    08/19/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    How To Make An Internal Career Transition At Your Current Company


    When Jillian reached out to us for support, she wanted clarity on her next career step with the plan to make it happen. She wanted insight into why she has made specific career choices, why she has given into her career fears, and a better understanding of her patterns. Her dream outcome was to have career clarity and enough confidence to get a job that she both enjoys and feels fulfilled. 

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  • Purpose Driven Career Case Study With Michael Pittman
    08/06/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    How to Identify and Leverage Your Transferrable Skills to Advance Your Career


    When Michael came to us five months ago, he needed help redefining his career path. He is a 31-year-old professional who was going on one career path in teaching. This career path fell into his lap and, over the years, became his security blanket. The problem was that he became so good at it that he became an invaluable employee.

    But, he admitted to himself that he was miserable, stressed, and ready to find something that fulfills more of his purpose, plays to his skills and strengths, and pays off his student loans. But, he had a big question mark coming in…how do I leverage my transferrable skills to advance my career and also plagued by the thought, am I  too old to switch careers now?

    Here is Michaels's career transition journey:

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  • Five Ideas To Recession-Proof YourCareer
    07/25/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    Five Ideas To Recession-Proof Your Career

    Layoffs, hiring freezes, and rescinded job offers dominate the headlines, and you may ask yourself how to best plan for the uncertainty? A poll on LinkedIn revealed that 60% of respondents are worried or very worried about their careers because of the uncertainty of the economy.

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  • 07/22/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    Why Having a Passion is Essential to Professional Development

    When Breana started the program, her goal was to get clarity on her skills, find happiness in her professional life that ultimately stems into her personal life, and know how to communicate professionally. Her ultimate dream was to see the direction she wanted and what steps she needed to take to get there.


    Once Breana discovered her passions, it became clear she wanted to bridge her passions and skillset into her next career role. And knowing her passions helped her become more confident at work and overall helped her professional development. 

    Here is Breana’s Career Exploration journey toward landing her dream job.

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  • Purpose Driven Career Case Study with Kristen Barba
    06/30/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    How to Turn Your Skills and Passion Into Your Dream Job and Life


    When Kristen reached out to us for the support she had been in a highly stressful reality tv producer role for the last six years. She was burnt out and wanted to find a job that met her personal and professional requirements. Not just the title or salary, but inspired by the content of the work, working with co-workers she likes, and having a good working relationship with her future boss. She also dreamed of a flexible working schedule that would allow her to focus on other passions outside of work. She used to be an on-camera host for small companies in their training films and participated in other entertainment hosting projects. It was a side gig that allowed her to express her passion, thoughts, and opinions on the world in a positive way.  


    Here is Kristen's eight-month journey from leaving a toxic work environment to landing her dream job at CMT that utilizes her skillset and allows her the space and support to pursue her passions outside of work.

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  • Career Change Case Study with Emily
    06/25/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    How To Make A Successful Career Change After 10+ Years In The Same Role

    When Emily reached out to us for the support she had been in the same company and role for about 10 years. She hit the ceiling in terms of professional growth and earning potential. She felt stagnant and wanted a career change, but she was stuck on what to do about it because she had no idea what to do next or even how to make a career change. 

    Here is Emily’s journey from being unclear and frustrated about what her next career move would be to finding and landing her dream job in the interior design industry.

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  • 04/12/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    How To Break Out Of a Dreaded Employment Cycle


    Have you been spinning your wheels in the same cycle employment-wise? Have you ever lost sight of the big picture and what you are striving towards?

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  • 04/06/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    How To Change Careers With Courage and Confidence

    When Katherine came to us a few months ago, she felt unfulfilled at the end of each workday. She knew she wanted a change and to do something more impactful in her career. 

    Sure, she was making good money, but she had become stagnant in her role, and she knew one thing - she didn't want to look back with regrets thinking she should have pursued something different. The impact her current work situation was having on her was stress and anxiety, and that stress would often bleed into her nights and weekends.

    She decided to take the leap of faith and overcome her fears like fear of the unknown, taking a pay cut, and failing to step into a future that energizes and inspires her.


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  • 03/11/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    Stop Applying for Jobs You Don’t Really Want!

    "I’ve been applying for jobs and I’m not getting anywhere!" Sound familiar?

    Let’s face it. It’s tough looking for a job when you have a job, right? There could be many obstacles standing in the way, like time. Managing your time, however, is something you have control over.

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  • 03/06/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    3 Essential Strategies to Deal With Meaningless Work

    Do you feel disconnected from the work you do every day at your job?


    Do you feel uninspired by your company's purpose and mission?


    I hear these complaints frequently from young professionals, like you, who work in the corporate world and want to do more than just your job. You want to contribute to something bigger than yourself. You want to see how your contribution affects the bigger picture.  

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  • 02/18/2022 - Kori Burkholder
    2 Ways To Keep Growing In Your Career


    In today's video, I am talking about feeling stuck in your career and how to keep growing regardless of what's going on at work.


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  • 06/26/2020 - Kori Burkholder
    5 Steps To Get Unstuck and Find More Purpose In Your Career

    I work with many early-career professionals who’ve been in the same job for years and feel unfulfilled and stuck. 

    It’s a common complaint that sits on the surface. 

    When I dig deeper and ask what difference they’re making in their job, many don’t know or can’t see or haven’t thought about it.

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  • 04/10/2020 - Kori Burkholder
    6 Ways To Take Control of Your Career Growth During Coronavirus

    6 Ways To Take Control of Your Career Growth During Coronavirus

    Maybe you are at risk of losing your job or maybe you already have or maybe you find yourself busier than ever working from home.

    No matter your current situation, it’s important to keep growing your career even during a crisis like the pandemic. Never become complacent. Complacency can breed laziness, blindness to new opportunities and industry trends, and/or lack of building and maintaining new professional relationships.

    Now is the time to step up your game! 

    The reason I’m talking about this today is because one of my clients in the Purpose Driven Career Accelerator Program has been nervous about her job with all the uncertainty.

    Pre social distancing we were working on identifying her dream job. After social distancing, she’s thinking now might not be the time to be working on a career transition. I challenged her saying now is the perfect time to lay the foundation so that when the U.S. opens up again she’ll be ready to go.

    I imagine you might be in a similar boat, too which is why I’m going to share 6 strategies that my clients learn in the Launch and Land phase of the Purpose Driven Career Accelerator Program.

    These are things you can take control of your career growth NOW and be prepared for whatever this throws at us next and prepare for the future.

    6 Ways To Take Control of Your Career Growth During Coronavirus: 

    1. Virtually network to strengthen your connections: During this downtime, it’s the perfect opportunity to make new authentic connections and revive old ones. Reach out to at least 2 people in your network every day that might include friends, professional mentors, and old colleagues and personally ask for a reference or referral. Share with them what you’re up to and what you are looking for. Don’t forget networking is a 2-way street so always offer something in return like a professional introduction that would help them move the needle professionally. Reach out to recruiters and hiring managers at your dream companies to see about securing an informational interview, plus look into the companies who are stable and hiring during the crisis.  

    2. Learn new skills and/or hone your weaker skills: there is always room for growth and now is a good time to be honing your skills for your future dream job. Given the current climate, several online learning companies have offered to share professional training and courses for free, like Coursera and many others. Start learning and upleveling now to create more options for yourself once hiring picks up again.

    3. Make yourself indispensable at work now by taking on new challenges at your job. Step up and shine in ways you had always been fearful or unsure. Take it on. Perhaps step up to volunteer for a new project or ask your boss where you could improve. Investigate what opportunities are available now that will help position yourself for your next career move.

    4. Become a thought leader in your industry: now is a GREAT time to start improving your personal brand. Once my clients know their next career direction, we spend some time figuring out how to position them as a thought leader in their industry. Some start a blog or now some are starting their own Zoom groups and Youtube channels around industry specific topics or even teaching an online class through Skillshare  or  Udemy which both offer the opportunity to teach as well as to learn.

    5. Update your resume, Linkedin and social media presence: when was the last time you updated your resume and Linkedin profile or did an social media audit? Clean it up and take time to add quantifiable successes that you’ve had in your job in the last year, highlight your education, any new skills you’ve picked up and/or new accomplishments. Make it shine!

    6. Practice and hone your interviewing skills and get your elevator pitch ready: interviewing is uncomfortable for many people, so if you are one that gets nervous and weird in interviews, now is the time to be doing the prep work so by the time you land an interview, you will be totally confident and ready to answer that interview question,"So, tell me about yourself".

    Which of the 6 ways will you take on today to prepare you for your purpose driven future career? Please leave a comment below to be held accountable and if you found value from this video, please share it with a friend. 


    P.S. And, whenever you’re ready… here are 5 ways to help you get unstuck and grow your purpose driven career:

    1. Watch my free 4 Simple Steps To Answer The Question ‘What Should I Do Next In My Career? Masterclass

    Before you do ANYTHING else, I want you to watch my FREE 4 Simple Steps To Answer The Question ‘What Should I Do Next In My Career? Masterclass right here. Discover the root causes of why you’re unsatisfied in your career, your non-negotiables for your next career move and actions steps you can take today to get moving towards your dream career.>>> Click Here

    2. Download my "Purpose Driven Career Quiz" workbook

    If you’re struggling to figure out what you want to do next career-wise, then download my new workbook "Purpose Driven Career Quiz" to see just how far (or how close!) you are to landing a purpose driven career!>>> Click Here 

    3. Join our FREE Purpose Driven Careers Facebook Group and connect with other driven professionals who are learning how to make the impact, earn the income, and create the freedom they desire in their life and career>>> Click Here

    4. Work with me privately

    If you’d like to work directly with me to build a career of your dreams… just schedule your complimentary Career Strategy Breakthrough Call with me so we can clarify your fastest path to finding and landing your dream role and create a strategy for you to make it happen… Apply for your FREE call with me here>>> Click Here To Apply

    5. Join my weekly Virtual Meditative Art Nights to tap into your creativity, connect with others, let go of what doesn’t serve you and replace it with some positivity and your masterpiece. A wonderful practice for your own well being!>>> Join here

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