Case Study: Katelyn’s Career Change From Law Into Chief of Staff

Katelyn knew she wanted to change careers from Law to something more meaningful and less stressful, but was unclear on what that could be. During the career exploration phase, she started her own side hustle, helping sober New Yorkers find interesting and fun things to do that don’t revolve around alcohol. (@soberinnyc).

Through the Career Clarity Method, she could boil all these career ideas down into one viable career direction that feels aligned with her values, skills, and future vision.

Katelyn shares, "I went into the program trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. I was practicing law at the time, and after about nine years between law school and working in the legal field, I knew that it wasn't the right environment for me and the type of work I wanted to do. The day-to-day work and the structure of working in a law firm were stressful, and most days, I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I was also bored with the work itself – the legal field hasn't evolved much in decades, and a lot of the work is monotonous – sitting in your office alone writing, with little interaction with people. I couldn't imagine doing it forever. I wanted something more dynamic and creative! I knew I wanted to do something different, but the law isn't a career that's easy to transition out of because it's so specific.

The only concern I had was making sure I could figure out what I wanted to do next. Over the past six months working with Kori, I figured out exactly the direction I want to go! I'm now crafting a position for a company as a Chief of Staff to support their leadership team where I can do more creative work with leadership while bringing in the skills I've used as a lawyer. I've also started a new Instagram in the sobriety community in New York (@soberinnyc), which has helped me narrow down companies I want to work for, like non-alcoholic beverage brands and modern recovery programs. In addition, I hope to franchise my favorite yoga studio to bring it to New York, which feels more realistic now that I'm not tied down to working in a law firm. I feel more confident connecting with people in these fields and sharing my ideas and plans for what's next, whereas before, I wasn't talking about it because I was so wrapped up in my legal career that I didn't know where to start. I don't feel any guilt or regret about saying I don't want to practice law, which feels so freeing!

If you're considering this program and looking to find something more purpose-driven, it truly helps you do that because you're not focusing on what jobs are available now and if your skills fit into it and getting the resume done. Instead, it's more about figuring out what you want, the skills you enjoy using, where you want to make an impact, and then finding opportunities that match that".

Listen in on our interview and find out what could be possible for you if you were to invest in yourself and your future!

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