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21 Questions: Find Your Career Calling

Reunite with what makes you tick by answering 21 questions to find your career calling. You will soon hold in your hands a guidebook with 21 Questions to help you gain clarity about what you truly want out of a career and determine what you find most important and rewarding. With a little reflection, you can start creating a career that lights you up instead of drains you. 

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Take a Walk With Your Future Self

Your Future Self is a pathway into your unconscious mind and a bridge to the most positive part of yourself. From here, you get the bigger picture, you get ah-ha moments, advice, insights, inspiration and wisdom! Often times it’s one positive step towards becoming UNSTUCK. Once you you discover your Future Self, you can always go to this place of clarity, certainty, positivity, inspiration anytime, anywhere! It's like having your advice expert. With that said.... Are you in?

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The Why & Visualize Exercise

I know what the in-between stage of going through a career change. Feelings like frustration, insecurity, confusion, fear and worry of never figuring it out. However, what I've come to learn is that taking action is the best remedy, even it's imperfect action (at first!) Anything is better than staying idle. Being in action and maintaining clarity of vision around your goals is a powerful place to be and can lead to work opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. In the following exercise, we’ll first figure out the WHY behind your wanting to change and then we’ll ignite something new to work towards. 


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Vision Board Fun! 

We’ve all heard the expression “A goal without a deadline is just a dream.” But sometimes dreaming is what we really need to see a clear path to our destination. And that’s what vision boards are all about. Dreaming. Rather than a bland calendar or spreadsheet with dates and impressive sounding goals on them, vision boards give you the creativity to let your dreams grow.


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