Career Webinars & Masterclass

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Free career oriented Webinars and Masterclasses to empower your next career move. No more feeling stuck without having free resources at your fingertips. Grab yourself a cup of tea, a journal and an hour to make power moves towards landing your next dream career.


What Should I Do Next In My Career? Webinar

Discover the root causes of why you’re unsatisfied in your career, your non-negotiables for your next career move, and action steps you can take today to get moving towards your dream career.

Watch now to:

  • Get more clarity about what you want next in your career 
  • Discover the root causes of why you’re unsatisfied in your current career
  • Identify your non-negotiable and what you want next in your career
  • Walk away with inspired actions you can take today!

If you’re looking to find more purpose and passion in your work and start figuring out what’s next in your career, this free class is absolutely for YOU!

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Land A Dream Job With Purpose Masterclass

Watch and learn my clients' step-by-step game plan to land their purpose-driven careers. Find out how they're doing this without starting over from scratch, leaving the safety of their current job (yet), and the fear of making the wrong choice. Also learn how to design a purpose-driven career that makes the impact you desire and support the lifestyle you want…And how to do all of this even if you're feeling miserable and overwhelmed in your job.



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