Creative and Nature 3-Day Women's Weekend Getaway In The Poconos

Creative and Nature 3-Day Women's Weekend Getaway In The Poconos


A recent study found that working women faced a "perfect storm" from pressures at home and work because of the pandemic. 

Sound familiar? When does your workday start and end? Are you working more than you were before the start of the pandemic?

I'm finding that some women I work with are working more and feel more lonely. They don't necessarily want to go back to the office, but they crave more in-person interaction and community. 

I've been a solopreneur for the last five years, but I worked in office settings for 15 years before that. So it was quite a transition from working in the office to working from home every day. I am very social by nature, and work was the center of my social life.

So it was quite an adjustment. It was much more challenging to regularly keep an active social life and network. I had to be more proactive in finding interesting events to build a new community.

I found one quick way to do it  - to attend retreats around specific topics of interest. One of those retreats I found and have attended for the last four years is Rise Gatherings.

I get to teach what I love, but I also get to relax and attend workshops from other facilitators. In addition, I schedule massages, and nature and goddess photoshoots and take classes I'd never think of, but ones that challenge me out of my comfort zone (hello, Vocal Yoga!). 

It's one of my favorite creative and nature weekend getaways because I always walk away with new friendships, connections, and clients. It's a win-win for all!

The next Rise Gatherings retreat is in September. If this sparks interest, use Kori22 for a $50 discount on the weekend.

Here are the details:

5th Annual


September 30 - October 2, 2022

Trails End Camp, Pocono Mountains, PA


It is a safe and brave space for women to reconnect with themselves, nature, and a community of diverse women.

What's the Weekend Getaway like?

A loving environment that encourages exploration and expression through a schedule of activities and opportunities. Women choose their workshops and partake in whatever classes and other activities they desire. All experiences at the Weekend Getaway are engaging and interactive, and the women receive so much from sharing their stories with and listening to one another.

What are the accommodations like?

The Weekend Getaway is held at a quality camp facility on 400+ acres. There are multiple lodging options ranging from community cabins shared with others to private lakeside cottages. Accommodations are comfortable with heating for brisk fall nights.

Who attends the Weekend Getaway?

This unique community of women is a coming together of women of all ages and life stages. Young women from 15 to women in their early eighties attend the experience. Most women are between the ages of 30 and 60 with diverse backgrounds.

Why does someone attend the Weekend Getaway?

Women search for something like the Weekend Getaway when they are going through a time of change in their lives and seek the support of others to uplift them and ease their fears. The themes that we mostly hear those drive women are trouble in their marriage or relationship, wanting to change careers, losing themselves to motherhood, desiring something more out of life as they enter a new chapter, etc.

Have questions? Here are some answers.

For more information on accommodations and workshops, click here!

Hope to see you there.


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