Creative Summer Retreat from France to Rome on the Starclipper

Creative 7-Day Summer Sailing Cruise from Cannes to Rome


Is "adventure" one of your values? 

Adventure, freedom, and flexibility are high on the values list with most people I work with. However, each person typically has their unique definition, but "adventure" often has the word "travel" in there.

Most people I work with don't want their lives to revolve solely around their careers. Sure, they want their job to be fulfilling, rewarding, and meaningful, but they also want time off to fulfill their "adventure" value.

What about you? Is adventure a value of yours?

If it is, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not met at all and ten being fully met, where do you fall on the scale?

How can you increase that number if you are on the lower end of the scale? 

Over the years, I've heard many different strategies to fulfill the adventure value:

  • Ask for more time off at work and plan a vacation
  • Schedule a weekend or day retreat
  • Create a list of 6 places, roll the dice, and wherever it lands, they go
  • Go skydiving in another state
  • Hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Get their driver's license (typical native New Yorker)
  • Attend a festival like Coachella or Burning Man

Adventure has always been my value, and I have built my career and business around it. Whatever career pivot I did, I ensured the company offered plenty of vacation and didn't require more than the 9-6, Monday - Friday. And now that I work for myself, I have the freedom to create my schedule and I am always looking for opportunities that allow me to work and travel. 

About five years ago, Starclipper's PR agency (one of the largest passenger sailboats in the world) reached out looking for coaches to teach workshops in exchange for a free one-week cruise. 

Naturally, my eyes popped wide open. 

Since then, I've sailed with them, teaching sunset watercolor sessions around Bali, Greece, Italy, and the BVI's.

Next up is the South of France in July, and I want to invite you formally!

We sail off into the sunset from Cannes, France, and complete the voyage at sunrise in Rome, Italy. The super luxurious sailboat has the comforts and amenities of modern-day and first-class service. I will be leading the Sunset Watercolor Painting series alongside Marcy Clark, who will be teaching Sunrise Yoga and Meditation. 

This one will definitely satiate that value for all my adventure seekers out there! 

Check out the itinerary and join us!

Parle-Vous Francais?


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