5 Day Creative Summer Retreat with Kori Burkholder at Omega Institute

Creative 5-Day Summer Retreat For Women To Launch a Dream

What projects, dreams, and ideas are stuck? 

Do you want a new career?

Launch a passion project?

Express yourself more creatively?

Take up a hobby like painting?

Make a more significant impact using your gifts and talents?

Being busy creative professional women, it's easy to get stuck with too many ideas. So we question which one will be the best to focus our attention on. Que, the Inner Critic who wants to keep you safe, comes up with different stories about why you shouldn't pursue any of them.

Of course, our Inner Critics have the best intentions, but if you fall prey to them, you get stuck. Symptoms might arise like depression, anxiety, and negative thoughts about yourself when you get stuck physically. 

I've been leading women for the last eight years to use their creativity as a tool to release stress, be more decisive and commit to building a strong vision for their future, and have unshakable confidence to share it with others.

As a result, I've seen women manifest dream careers, relationships, homes, cars, vacations, and more! It all started with them saying yes to themselves, making the time, and having a safe space to carve out the vision and plant the seed. 

Suppose you feel overwhelmed with too many ideas or want to plant seeds for a dream. In that case, I invite you to Wild Dreaming 5-Day Retreat at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, from July 24th - 29th alongside other driven, creative professional women like yourself to ignite a dream, reignite a goal that's been pushed aside or define a new vision for your future.

In this summer retreat, you will dive deep into our creativity, combining dreaming, art-making like watercolors and block printing, coaching, and goal setting into one workshop. You'll walk away with a portfolio of new artwork, feeling confident in yourself and your abilities, your future, and plan to bring your dream into reality. 

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