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Virtual Meditative Art Nights

Meditative Art Nights with Kori Burkholder

Virtual Meditative Art Nights

Fun, Inspiring, Relaxing & Engaging


Allow yourself the gift of time and space to go on an inward exploration to inspire, heal and learn about yourself through the journey of making art. 

Virtual Meditative Art Nights are designed specifically for women looking for a creative outlet to unwind, destress and create something inspired from within. Many of us tend to live by everyone’s else’s schedules these days (our kids’, our clients’, spouses/partners, careers, etc.) and have lost touch with our own internal compass. The more we do things that feed our creativity and spirit, the more fulfillment and happiness we will get out of work, life and in our relationships.

What You Will Learn:

In these weekly one hour sessions, you will learn to trust and tap into your intuition to guide you through the decision making process when it comes to choosing colors, brushes and subject matter. There are journal prompts to get your imagination stirring and use these prompts as a gateway for deeper discussion and connection and inspiration for the guided mindful art activity.

You will learn basic watercolor techniques, color theory and composition to give you the confidence to paint and draw. It’s not about perfection or getting it right, it’s more about what wants to emerge through you. Sometimes we paint from reference and other times we paint from Source (spirit, higher self, God, inner being, intuition).

Each week is a different surprise theme (hey, you’ve got enough decisions to make in your day!) focusing on you, your dreams and goals.

Classes can be taken individually or as a series. If you sign up for a monthly membership, you get private email coaching support with Kori to keep you accountable for setting up and achieving your monthly goals!

Who’s This For? All levels are welcome! From having no creative or painting experience to highly trained professional artists. There’s something for everyone.

BYOS (bring your own supplies): Watercolor palette, watercolor brushes, black ink pen, pencil, eraser, pen and a journal.

Sample Themes: Happy Zen Bubbles, Colorful Mandalas, Mindful Doodling, Galaxy & Dark Emotions, Thriving Succulents, Watercolor Doodles, Creative Writing & Illustration, Zentangles and many more!

Location: Classes delivered on Zoom. You will get link upon registration.

Date & Time: Every Tuesday from 7-8pm EST

Price: $25 per class or monthly membership for $79

About the teacher: Led by Kori Burkholder, Certified Professional Life, Career and Creativity Coach, artist and Founder of groundbreaking programs like Paint Your Wildest Dreams and Paint Your Dreams Into Reality. Kori has been helping others turn dreams and goals into reality through a unique mix of coaching, creative writing, painting, goal setting, connection, visualization, guided meditation, spirituality, and personal expression. She’s taught at prestigious spiritual centers and institutions like NY Open Center, 92nd Street Y, Omega Institute, MahaRose, University of Hartford and guest appearances on Star Clipper Sails around the world plus tons of corporate team building events.

Virtual Meditative Art Nights Inspirational quote Van Gogh

From Current & Past Attendees:

I found it therapeutic and energizing to break away from the workday! It’s interesting how my painting’s evolution can metaphorically represent the progress that I made in just one week and also representative of the evolution of self within life. – Robin C. Performance Improvement Business Consultant

My participation in art night has taught me to trust my gut, and that’s it’s okay to be a beginner. So many times I start a drawing and self-doubt kicks in, or I get scared. What if my art isn’t as good as everyone else? What if I interpreted the prompt wrong? I then remember that art night isn’t about being good or bad or making the perfect artwork. It’s about expressing yourself, giving yourself a break, and having fun! – Nina P., Early Education Specialist

I normally don’t get involved with art experiences, but this was so open, that I lost any inhibition and learned through painting. – Beth P., Account Executive, Beauty

What a fun & empowering night! Thank you Kori, you are a magical facilitator! Alison L.

Fantastic! Empowering! Great meeting all of these wonderfully inspiring women! Jeanette L.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kori’s workshop. I left with a sense of purpose and clarity in my next steps moving forward with my career and personal development. I would recommend Kori to anyone who seeks to understand themselves better, and to have someone who cares for your success in different realms. -Anat C.

Examples from a previous art night: Thriving Succulents

Meditative Art Night Art Examples 1 Meditative Art Night Art Examples 2 Meditative Art Night Art Examples 3

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