10 Powerful Reflection Questions For the New Year

10 Powerful Reflection Questions for the New Year


While defining our career dreams, we want to reflect on life for lessons learned from highs and lows. We want to reflect on our lives to see how we made it through the lows - what were the traits inside of us that got us through those times we didn't think we'd survive? Or those times we gave up on ourselves and our dreams? 


What lesson can we apply moving forward?  

Most people don’t take time to reflect on the lessons learned or celebrate the enormous accomplishments of their personal and professional lives.

This is a recipe for the never-satisfied longing for a better tomorrow. You’re not the same person you were 1, 5, or 10 years ago!

You have more experience under your belt…new knowledge…empowering rituals and rhythms…new practiced habits and skills. 

So as we move into the new phase in our career, make sure not to leave the old one behind… Looking back can be an incredibly effective step for moving forward. 

Through the simple practice of review, we can experience a well-earned sense of pride and fulfillment for all that we have achieved… 

We can identify and learn from our mistakes and shine awareness on current opportunities in our lives… gain confidence in our skills, abilities, and natural talents.

And we can empower ourselves to step into the next 365 days with clarity and intention and to make it – once again – the very best year of our lives.

I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s because it’s a quiet time for planning for a powerful new year by reflecting on the last 365 days. Two fun ways to do this include answering reflection questions and creating a vision board.

Making it a fun, creative process allows you to reflect on your year and shine the light on each area of your life with all its lessons and gifts and welcome in an even more positive and productive year. Think about different areas of your life and set intentions for your: relationships, family, business, health, lifestyle, personal growth, and so on.

Before you enter the new year, find some quiet time to reflect on who you are and how your experiences over the last 365 days have shaped you, and then start creating your big vision for your new year.

10 Reflection Questions for the New Year

  1. What were your best accomplishments/achievements that make you proud?
  2. What is your biggest disappointment?
  3. What was the wisest decision you made?
  4. What are you most grateful for this past year?
  5. Who came into your life this year, and who left?
  6. What was your best financial decision?
  7. What is one miracle you experienced?
  8. What was the greatest, kindest service you performed?
  9. What unfinished goals do you have from this year?
  10. How do you want next year to be different?

Now that you’ve looked back over the past year and clearly understood what happened, both good and bad, it’s time for part two of this exercise to create your big vision and goals for the new year!

Get started on creating your big vision!


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