12 Positives About Self Isolation and Working From Home During COVID-19

12 Positives About Self Isolation and Working From Home During COVID-19

There’s no denying that CoronaVirus has wreaked havoc in our world as we know it. It’s changed everything in our careers and lives. 

Restaurants now take out and delivery only. Schools shut down until who knows when, non-essential businesses closed and most corporate businesses adopting a work from home policy. All of this leading to social distancing ourselves from family, friends and coworkers. So much change has created so much uncertainty.

Being a career coach who serves mostly corporate millennials wanting to transition into more purpose driven careers, I figured that I’d be dealing with a lot of stressed out and anxious clients, but it’s been quite the opposite. 99% are seeing how to see the light in the dark. However, the 1% are questioning if they should be focusing on a career change now with all this uncertainty?

I say yes. Now is a great time to be looking towards the future with optimism and hope and start planting the seeds and preparing for your career future, especially now when you are employed. 

Client: Seriously, with the CoronaVirus front and center, wreaking havoc on our everyday lives and our jobs? 

Yes, even though we don’t know how long this will last, focusing on your future will bring you structure, a new mission and inspiration. Now is the time to be upping your skills and dreaming up the plan for a new career where you are thriving rather than just surviving. What does that look like to you? 

A few other action items you could do to prepare yourself for when this all ends is to dust off off the old resume and start to update it with your current job accomplishments. Start reaching out to contacts you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Cruise around on job sites to see what’s out there. Take online classes to learn new skills. Read books. 

You get the idea! Keep growing yourself and your career during this time so you will be ready to go when this all ends!

And if you know me, I LOVE to find the good in the bad and I want to shine some of the light your way today with some positivity!  

I’ve compiled a list based on what I’ve been hearing from a few of my clients, friends and family.

Top 12 Positives About Self Isolating & Working From Home

  1. Finally, you have that "work from home" flexibility you’ve been craving!
  2. You are learning new technologies, hello Zoom and Slack.
  3. You get to use those multitasking skills: conference call, laundry, feed dog, send off work emails, Zoom call, yoga stretch, last Zoom call for the day. 
  4. You feel more energized and more productive than ever.
  5. You GAIN time! No more long commute (just bed to couch). What are you doing in that time now?
  6. You get to spend more time with loved ones, play games, cook and eat together.
  7. You’re getting in shape with all these online fitness classes!
  8. You’re becoming more Zen by meditating, writing, creating art, reading, making love to your partner.
  9. Sign up for that online project management class you’ve had your eye on. Now is a great time to beef up your hard skills!
  10. You get some much needed space from caddy co-workers and your micromanaging boss.
  11. Change is good! With change brings more challenges, which brings more opportunities for professional growth.
  12. Slowing down! You’re such a go getter and now is your chance to listen to your deepest desires around what you truly want out of your career and start planting seeds for your future.

How about you? Are you seeing the light in the dark? Please share in the comments section below!

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