5 Job Search Tech Tools To Keep You Organized and Motivated


According to a survey done by Randstad USA, the average length of time a job search can take is five months. The job search process can be stressful and feel like a rollercoaster, so it is crucial to keep your motivation high and organized. 

I'm writing about this topic because, on last night's group coaching call, a few participants were deep into the job search phase of the program. One young woman, in particular, was getting overwhelmed with the number of jobs she was applying to and having difficulty keeping organized and motivated.

I want to share some tools to help you stay motivated, organized, and on track. 


5 Job Search Tech Tools To Keep You Organized and Motivated

I am stating the obvious, but Linkedin is the #1 tool for your job search. You can search for jobs, network with people, find hiring managers, join industry-related groups and build a new network. If you don't have a profile set up, do that now.

Job descriptions are probably the most significant element every job seeker must manipulate to effectively position themselves in the market. If you don't customize your resume and cover letter to each job description, there's a good chance you're out of the running before your materials are even considered. 

Why do you need to match the job description keywords and industry competitive buzz words to your resume and cover letter? First, you want to ensure that your resume will get through the ATS system (Applicant Tracking System). If you make it through that, you've got to keep your audience in mind, usually the hiring manager, recruiter or HR person. You've got six seconds before they decide if you are a good fit for the role. If they scan your resume and don't see the keywords they're looking for, your resume will most likely get caught in the "no" pile. 

Customizing your job search material is one of the most time-consuming tasks, but the Jobscan Resume Scanner, JobSear, and Teal can help you with this process.

1. Jobscan Resume Scanner: this Google extension scans your resume and provides insights based on each job you're applying for, which is how you will get a leg up on your job search competition. Upload your resume and copy and paste the job description. It will show you what keywords and hard and soft skills are missing so you can begin to customize your resume for the job description.

2. JobSear JobTracker is like Pinterest for your job search. Jobsear is an AI-powered Chrome extension job search tool that covers and assists all parts of a job search process, including job match with resume, referrals finder, skills search, and company research insights. JobSeer is compatible with job board platforms, including LinkedIn, Handshake, Indeed, Dice, and Google Jobs. It scrubs the data from each job description by highlighting keywords you can use to increase your chances of getting through ATS. I like the rating system where it tells you on a scale of 1-100 how many matched skills you have versus the skills you don't have. And you get a quick view of the salary range, education requirements, and remote/onsite all in one picture.

3. Teal Job Search Organizer: Teal will keep your job search organized. It's a free Google extension and website that will keep you motivated and on top of what employers are looking for. You can bookmark jobs you are interested in and transfers them to your Teal job tracker. It also breaks down the job search cycle into different phases: Applying, Applied, Interviewing, Negotiating, Accepted. 

I have a few clients using this, and they love it! One young professional woman who thrives on keeping organized with just about everything, both professional and personal life, shared, "it's a game changer and helps keep me motivated!" 

4. Hunter.io: If time allows, before emailing and reaching out to the hiring manager on Linkedin, ideally, you want your name to show up in various places so that they begin to recognize your name. Search for them on social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, etc., and follow them. Make comments on their posts before you email and send a message on Linkedin. 

The next question might be, "how do I find their email"?

Hunter.io is a google extension that will help you find email addresses by finding common email patterns. For example, you are trying to find me - is it "kori.burkholder@inspirality.com" or "koriburkholder@inspirality.com" or "kori@inspirality.com"? Instead of sending out all of these emails to see what sticks (if any), this will save you time by showing the email pattern, and you can take it from there.  

5. Grammarly Writing Assistant: You want to make sure you spell-check your materials before sending them out to the hiring manager. Grammar and spelling errors might get tossed into the "no" pile. Grammarly has a basic version for free where you get spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Then, upgrade to the premium and get consistency in spelling and punctuation, fluency, clarity, conciseness, clarity-focused sentence rewrites, and formatting. I love it, and it's worth $12 per month for me and my business.

What job search tools do you use that you can't live without? Let us know in the comments section!


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