6 Creative Ideas for Your Next Holiday Office Party

Why start thinking about planning and booking your holiday office party in August?

Because you won’t be scrambling around come early December frantically Googling "cool holiday office party ideas nyc" or "fun team building events nyc" all while calling, filling out online forms, waiting, then getting the same message, "sorry, we’re booked!" Suddenly, you find yourself biting your nails for the first time in your life because the only thing left is "happy hour at [insert a lame bar]". Now, you’re dealing with the possibility of disappointing the whole office! 


Allow me to spare you the pain! I’ve got you covered with 6 fresh ideas that will make you look like a ROCK STAR when presenting your ideas to the powers that be. 

Here are 6 Creative Ideas for Your Next Office Party

I’m a big believer in taking on new challenges. When we’re stretched outside of our comfort zone, that’s where the real growth happens and precisely when and where the team bonding occurs. When experiencing something new together, that’s when office mates get to know each other on a whole new level, which sparks a new appreciation for each other.

Each of these team-building experiences is designed to challenge, be fun, encourage self-expression, build confidence, and tap into the infinite well of creativity! 

ART: Paint Your Dreams Into Reality Creative Experience

This goal-oriented, creative activity challenges participants to get clear on a single goal they’d like to achieve within the next year (career, personal, business). Once there’s clarity, individuals get to enjoy a creative experience that blends intention, visualization, interactive dialog and coaching to help individuals and teams move through blocks, and powerfully ask for what they need next to bring it into reality. The session culminates in a fluid watercolor experience incorporating the inspiration we’ve gathered along the way to create a visual touchstone that represents the dream and goal. This experience provides a sort of mental incubation period that can enhance creative thinking, long-term planning, and self-awareness. Led by Kori Burkholder, Career Empowerment and Creativity Coach.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Public Speaking for Visionaries 

It is possible to create a movement with your words. To confidently express your Vision with clarity and passion. You and your team members will learn to inspire from your heart and convictions. You will learn to transform your language around challenges and be the one who inspires solution-oriented thinking in any group or organization. Your team will learn valuable tools to get into their bodies and out of their head. Practice speaking through fear and limiting beliefs and find a speaking warm-up and mindset that works for you. This is a real confidence and leadership booster! Led by PR, Media Training, and Public Speaking Coach Marcy Clark.

IMPROV: Improv for Relationship Building 

Life is improvisational, and play is the universal connector, most people crave play, but don’t know how to initiate or sustain AND the holiday season stresses so many people out, that if play is a part of it, it can change the temperament of the whole season! Imagine being guided to let loose, connect, be silly and step out of the ordinary chit-chat and small talk! The main intention for this work is to feel liberated with creativity laughter and surprise!  A step out of the ordinary and towards imagination, and into the fantastical. Think charades with a ton more movement, engagement, and community building. Led by the one and only Enchantress Shane Kulman ,  owner of The Awkward Academy, your group will feel lighter, more jovial, and have an experience that will be the highlight of the season! 

COMEDY: Injecting Comedy Into Your Marketing Message 

Laughter is hailed as "the best medicine" so if you’re ready to tackle your stale, flat marketing message, or just a different approach to brainstorming anything, then this fun, light, and inspiring comedy experience is for you! Your team will learn Why "I’m not funny" is just a myth, access the humor in any message and utilize it for optimal reach and impact, subconscious ways that comedy helps connect you and your message to your audience, and the science behind what makes laughter so effective. You will also experience it in action with Jenn’s Motivational Stand Up and laugh your way to a breakthrough! Led by Jenn Lederer, Motivational Comedian + Leadership Strategist For Creative Entrepreneurs.

DANCE & MOVEMENT: Dance Into Your Answers

Whether you’re stuck in a creative rut, approaching transitions, or just itching to let loose and have fun, this team-building workshop and performance session is here to help you. How? Through interpretive dance! But not the kind that you might imagine. Jess will take prompts from you and your team (what are the highlights from the year?) and create fun, comedic dances on the spot to entertain. You’ll also be led through a process of collaboratively creating your own interpretive dances, leading to laughs, movement, and surprising insights that might literally help you dance into answers you’ve been seeking. Led by Jess Grippo "Funny Dancer" + Creativity Coach

CREATIVE & THOUGHTFUL: "With Gratitude, Me" Card Making Playshop

Perfect for the holiday season! It’s no secret that expressing gratitude improves mental, physical, and relational well-being. Why not take that positive energy into the office? Take the focus off the individual and think of someone on the team or family or friends – anyone they’d like to express gratitude for someone else’s contributions, talents, and actions. When we consciously practice being grateful for the people, situations, and resources around us we begin to attract better relationships and results. Stamps are provided! Imagine opening your mailbox and getting a handmade card of gratitude! This is just a FEEL GOOD, CREATIVE activity. Led by Kori Burkholder, Career Empowerment and Creativity Coach.

And there you go, 6 fun, creative team-building experiences built for growth, bonding, and laughs. One more idea! You could even create a full program that includes all of these team bonding experiences. Interested? Let’s talk.


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