6 Ways To Take Control of Your Career Growth During Coronavirus

6 Ways To Take Control of Your Career Growth During Coronavirus

Maybe you are at risk of losing your job or maybe you already have or maybe you find yourself busier than ever working from home.

No matter your current situation, it’s important to keep growing your career even during a crisis like the pandemic. Never become complacent. Complacency can breed laziness, blindness to new opportunities and industry trends, and/or lack of building and maintaining new professional relationships.

Now is the time to step up your game! 

The reason I’m talking about this today is because one of my clients in the Purpose Driven Career Accelerator Program has been nervous about her job with all the uncertainty.

Pre social distancing we were working on identifying her dream job. After social distancing, she’s thinking now might not be the time to be working on a career transition. I challenged her saying now is the perfect time to lay the foundation so that when the U.S. opens up again she’ll be ready to go.

I imagine you might be in a similar boat, too which is why I’m going to share 6 strategies that my clients learn in the Launch and Land phase of the Purpose Driven Career Accelerator Program.

These are things you can take control of your career growth NOW and be prepared for whatever this throws at us next and prepare for the future.

6 Ways To Take Control of Your Career Growth During Coronavirus: 

1. Virtually network to strengthen your connections: During this downtime, it’s the perfect opportunity to make new authentic connections and revive old ones. Reach out to at least 2 people in your network every day that might include friends, professional mentors, and old colleagues and personally ask for a reference or referral. Share with them what you’re up to and what you are looking for. Don’t forget networking is a 2-way street so always offer something in return like a professional introduction that would help them move the needle professionally. Reach out to recruiters and hiring managers at your dream companies to see about securing an informational interview, plus look into the companies who are stable and hiring during the crisis.  

2. Learn new skills and/or hone your weaker skills: there is always room for growth and now is a good time to be honing your skills for your future dream job. Given the current climate, several online learning companies have offered to share professional training and courses for free, like Coursera and many others. Start learning and upleveling now to create more options for yourself once hiring picks up again.

3. Make yourself indispensable at work now by taking on new challenges at your job. Step up and shine in ways you had always been fearful or unsure. Take it on. Perhaps step up to volunteer for a new project or ask your boss where you could improve. Investigate what opportunities are available now that will help position yourself for your next career move.

4. Become a thought leader in your industry: now is a GREAT time to start improving your personal brand. Once my clients know their next career direction, we spend some time figuring out how to position them as a thought leader in their industry. Some start a blog or now some are starting their own Zoom groups and Youtube channels around industry specific topics or even teaching an online class through Skillshare  or  Udemy which both offer the opportunity to teach as well as to learn.

5. Update your resume, Linkedin and social media presence: when was the last time you updated your resume and Linkedin profile or did an social media audit? Clean it up and take time to add quantifiable successes that you’ve had in your job in the last year, highlight your education, any new skills you’ve picked up and/or new accomplishments. Make it shine!

6. Practice and hone your interviewing skills and get your elevator pitch ready: interviewing is uncomfortable for many people, so if you are one that gets nervous and weird in interviews, now is the time to be doing the prep work so by the time you land an interview, you will be totally confident and ready to answer that interview question,"So, tell me about yourself".

Which of the 6 ways will you take on today to prepare you for your purpose driven future career? Please leave a comment below to be held accountable and if you found value from this video, please share it with a friend. 


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