7 Questions with Career Transition Trail Blazers: Leora Edut

7 Questions with Career Transition Trail Blazers: Leora Edut

As part of my on-going Career Trail Blazer series, Leora Edut founder of Goddess On the Go is here to give us some career inspiration on how she transitioned from being a celebrity makeup artist into a Goddess entrepreneur.

At a young age Leora Edut had an undeniable passion for bringing women together. She witnessed there was a powerhouse genius all of us.  She believes that every woman should have access to empowering communities no matter what culture, religion, or economic background they come from.  From rocking out with the Girl Scouts at age 7 to bringing women together to gather in a goddess circle in her early 30’s, Leora could not deny that when women came together to support one another MAGIC occurred!  Growing up in the city of Detroit Leora made it her business to expose herself and learn about all different types of communities. She was curious about others cultures and socioeconomics. Later in life this became a gift in helping her relate to the young girls at GEMS as well as the women she worked with that have just came home from prison. Her own healing journey was filled with abusive relationships, alcohol, body image issues, and self hate. At age 25 she moved to NYC and her spirit knew it was time to release some of the pain and anger. After spending 10 years on a focused path to move through this, she met 7 women who she began an intimate goddess group in her tiny apartment. During this time the walls of distrust came down. She was BLOWN away as she saw into the hearts and most authentic parts of each woman there. The beautiful thing that occurred in this circle; was that each woman began to get what she truly WANTED! Whether it was a JUICY romantic relationship, adopting a child, moving to Italy, making more money then they could ever imagine with EASE, and leaving a corporate job to start their dream career. Leora knew it was time to bring women out of isolation and into a THRIVING community where they could be learn, nurtured, and be seen. Goddess On The Go was birthed in 2011 and is now in NYC, LA, and Detroit. Living La Vida Goddess (her smaller more intimate circle) was created in 2014.

In terms of your career, what are you doing now?

I run a company called Goddess On The Go which holds 1 day experiences in major cities around the US, luxury retreats, and host intimate Goddess circles. Our give back is working with GEMS-girls.org a non-profit organization that works with young girls who have been sexually trafficked in NYC.

What were you doing before you transitioned into living your purpose?

I was a Celebrity Makeup Artist.

What was the biggest challenge before/during/after your transition?

The biggest challenge was stepping out into my truth and message. I knew I was going to have to be super vulnerable and I was scared that people were going to think I was a fraud.  There was a big fear that they wouldn’t resonate with this vision of bringing women together in a safe space for sisterhood, learning and fun.

What was at stake if you didn’t make the transition?

Gosh! I was miserable and felt as if everyday when I woke up I had to twist myself into a pretzel version of what people wanted me to be. I didn’t feel as if I was using my voice to really help empower women on the scale I’m able to do now. I think if I would’ve stayed scared it would’ve crushed my spirit and had me go into a depression.

What is your favorite part of your career now?

I love seeing the women around me get what they want. One women, who just completed my 12 week circle who came in ready to divorce her husband. I  knew she had a passion for serving women, but couldn’t seem to own her own worth and put everyone else in front of her. By the end of the circle her and her husband were meditating together with their kids every day!  She’s now out there spreading her message daily, she started her own coaching business and she has a waiting list for people to sign up with her. I’ve watched women fall in love with themselves and then attract their life partners, make more money then they ever imagined because they own that who and what they give are valuable. They cure their story of being alone because they have a community of women who remind them of their goddess super-powers daily!

What nugget of wisdom could you offer those thinking about making the leap?

Don’t try and do it alone. It’s way to hard that way. Women really need to be in communities and around other women who don’t squelch them but rather make them feel safe and good about who they are.

Anything else you’d like to add:

Stay true to your vision. Don’t get attached to where opportunities are going to come from, how its going to happen, and when its going to happen. Stay consistent and ask for support. Practice oodles of self care daily to keep you out of your head and present in your body. Your body never lies. Trust her!

Meet Leora in person:

If you are in the New York City area, pamper yourself for the day and join the next Goddess on the Go event on January 29th from 10:45am- 5:30pm.  

Leora has given a discount for my readers. When signing up use GODDESS in all caps. I’ll see you there!

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