7 Questions with Career Transition Trail Blazers: Nidhi Huba

7 Questions with Career Transition Trail Blazers: Nidhi Huba

As part of my on-going Career Trail Blazer series, Nidhi from AumHome and Kundalini instructor is here today to give us some career inspiration and the lowdown on how she transitioned from being a fashion model to a mindful entrepreneur.

Nidhi is a multi talented yoga teacher, energy therapist, artist and a designer with almost three decades of experience.  She is trained in Hatha & Bihar yoga from her motherland of India and is certified in Kundalini Yoga and has taught for over two decades. She also has had a successful career as a model and stylist and now fuses all her talents of decor, energetic space clearing and Feng Shui to offer AumHome. A blend of spirit and space that she has created retreats for Yoga Journal Convention, Menla and Ahisma Yoga festivals. She loves to share her wisdom of crystals, yoga, aromatherapy and sound in her classes.

In terms of your career, what are you doing now?

I am focusing on my product line, soul spray is my first one and more to follow. My purpose in this is to combine my passions, my logo has a lotus that has many petals – like a woman’s talents but the core, the root that can dig into the earth is Spirit based.  I am also passionate about offering the teachings that have helped me and so many – especially the yogic techniques to empower women, thus the retreats that Marcy Clark and I host, Bliss Babes.

What were you doing before you transitioned into living your purpose?

I was a model for years after college and then was transiting into working as a stylist. I always had a spiritual practice as it was in my lineage and ancestry, but took Kundalini training because I was offered a scholarship and had an opportunity to meet and cook for Yogi Bhajan.  I never planned on being  a teacher full time but he offered me a job in L.A. and the truth was that despite it being less money that’s where my passion was.  I incorporated my design sense to start Aumhome and creating the products I just mentioned earlier .

What was the biggest challenge before/during/after your transition?

I guess the finances were different than the high rates that I was getting in the 90’s fashion world.  But I literally chanted my way to paying my rent or bills more than once! I had the faith that I was on the right path, and even when I doubted it I would receive signs to keep going.

What was at stake if you didn’t make the transition?

My happiness, which to me means more than any paycheck or social status!

What is your favorite part of your career now?

The look on someone’s face when I see them connecting to spirit in a healing, or in a class or even when they use soul spray and feel  the shift in energy.

What nugget of wisdom could you offer those thinking about making the leap?

BE prepared, walk the talk. Literally practice everything you are advocating and teaching.  I feel confident in teaching as silly as some of the kriya’s may seem. I know they work as I have done them and experienced the miracles and healing.

Meet Nidhi and experience her work:

If you are in the New York City area, meet Nidhi next week at VitaminR’s event at Empress.One / District Co-Work where she will be leading a Kundalini class for Energy and Focus. RSVP to reserve your spot.

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