Creating your big vision for the new year

7 Steps To Create Your Big Vision for 2019

Now that you’ve looked back and reflected on your big wins and disappointments and have thought about what you want to do differently this year, it’s time to get creative and build your big vision. 

This fun, the creative process lets you let go of being strategic and organized while your creative and dreamy side comes into play. Strategy, planning, and goal setting come at the end. For now, turn on some inspiring tunes, light some candles, and get out your journal, pens, markers, magazines, glue, and anything else you need to be creative and in the flow.

7 Steps To Create Your Big Vision For Your New Year

  1. Make a gratitude list: Make a list of what you’re grateful for and share it out loud to a loved one or heck, social media, or looking at yourself in the mirror. When we express gratitude, we invite more of that into our lives (The Law of Attraction concept).
  2. Free write: about what you want in the next 365 days in your relationships, family, business, health, lifestyle, personal growth, and so on. If you’re having a hard time, write about what you don’t want (this informs what you want).
  3. Visualize: Connect with your Powerful Self, get insight and inspiration, and get a glimpse into your future.
  4. Create your BIG Vision: what’s the essence of your free writing exercise? Can you sum it up in a few words, for example, "This will be the year of abundance and adventure!"
  5. Connect to your WHY: What lies behind what you want? Why do you want it? If it’s more money – what does money mean to you? More freedom, travel, providing for your family, accomplishment, etc. Get to the heart of your why and connect to it.
  6.  Create a vision board: roll up your sleeves and get creative and crafty. Use the information gathered from above and visually lay out your goals, dreams, and desires.
  7. Make a plan: Look at your vision board and figure out a few baby steps you can take for each item on it. If you have a picture of a beautiful beach location and this signifies a girl's trip – what baby step can you take to make that into a reality? It might be to put away $50 per week, buy a new suitcase or go to a bookstore and look at different travel books.

What are your goals for the New Year? What dreams and plans do you want to see happen for you personally, for your career, business, family, friends, world, even? When it just lives in our head, that's where it lives. Be bold and put it out there to the world. Leave a comment below, share it in the Purpose Driven Career Facebook Group or email me directly:


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