Dealing With Guilt After Quitting a Job

Case Study: Guilt-ridden after quitting her job to confidence and clarity in her new career path

Seven months ago Ana came to us after having quit her job and was confused about what she wanted to do next. Her goal for the program was to look at her past with acceptance instead of regret, feel balanced, be on the right track with a 5-year plan, and depend on herself more.

Learn what Ana learned about herself and what she's doing now!



What were you struggling with before deciding to join the program?

I had just quit my job and felt directionless, scattered, like I didn't know what to do first. So I had signed up for Kori's Newsletter through Facebook and decided to download the "Purpose Driven Career Quiz." There was a part of the quiz that I related to. Kori asked, "Do you have a lot of ideas swimming in your head and not sure what to take action on?" I felt like that was me. I saw a lot of possible directions for my career but needed time and space to explore these different avenues. 

Where were you before you started versus at the end of the program?

Before I started and at the beginning of the program, I was carrying a lot of guilt about quitting my previous job. I also had fears that this program wouldn't work because "I wasn't like other people." I believed that other people were more cut out to pursue their careers than I, and it was better to stay on the sidelines. 

Since the end of the program, I have learned to identify stories like "I'm not like other people" and learned to live my dreams and desires the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to become an Environmental Hydrogeologist or Engineer and took steps into making this career shift a reality. I decided to take the preliminary licensing exams for these professions and joined the Environmental Association of Engineering Geologists.

What were your biggest concerns about deciding to jump in and join the program?

My concern was the 90-day game plan. I felt like I would need more time. As I progressed through the program, I learned that Kori listened to concerns about time and gave her clients flexibility with scheduling. In my particular case, I took a 4-week hiatus before taking my licensing exams since I was dedicating my time to studying and not necessarily doing many career activities. 

What was the most impactful part about working together?

An impactful part about working with Kori was using learning to identify the inner critic's voice. I learned to listen and work with the fear-based voices in my head and eventually trust in the more natural flow of things. I learned to embrace the synchronicities and quiet moments of my life when it seemed like "nothing was happening."

Can you share three tangible results from working with me?

I obtained my Engineer in Training Licence. I met people with a similar career path further down their career, and I have a plan for the next six months of my life, and I am more goal-oriented.

Let's break down how you achieved it. What did you do/implement/work through?

My most outstanding personal achievements involved taking the Geologist in Training Exam, learning my strengths/weaknesses, and taking the Engineer in Training Exam. I treated these tests like "projects" and studied for them like it was my job. As a result, I strengthened my memory recall skills.

What was something surprising that you weren't expecting to get out of the experience of working together?

I was not expecting to develop my artistic side to the extent that I started drawing sketches of nature and working with origami. Instead, I discovered I love sketching and enjoy looking at landscapes and how trees, cars, and buildings are placed relative to each other. As a result, I drew Trinity Park in Fort Worth that I am particularly proud of. 

Anything you would suggest to have made the experience better for you?

I would tell myself to worry less. Eventually, I learned to manage my worry by taking action. This would involve interacting with the outer world like reaching out to people and asking for help or doing more personal and reflective hobbies like praying, exercising, drawing, cooking.

What's next for you? What are you working towards at the moment?

At this current moment, I will volunteer with AmeriCorps City Year until May of next year. This is an opportunity to give back to my community by helping students in underserved high schools. While I am there, I will continue with my personal development by networking and learning more about the industry. I also recently signed up for a grad school preview. My next step is to decide to join the workforce or continue my education. 

What would you say to someone considering working with me?

Prepare to face your fears.

What are you most proud of accomplishing?

I'm proud of facing my fears. I am glad that I gave my dreams and goals a try, and it is about the journey and not the destination. I've made friends and met people with similar career paths, and I've learned that people are always willing to help when they can. I am also proud that I have a plan for the next six months as of right now and that I am continuing to strengthen my network. 


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