Career Inspiration: Conquer Indecision, Master Networking and Life Long Learning

Career Inspiration: Career Inspiration: Conquer Indecision, Master Networking and Life Long Learning

In case you missed it on Facebook, here’s a wrap up of your Career Inspiration! 

This week: 

  • Four Questions to Help You Figure Out If You’re Making the Right Decision: When clients find me, they are often at a crossroads – wanting change, but afraid of change. When you’re at a point of making that decision, ask yourself these few questions and see what comes out of it. Feel free to share your new found insights with me: would love to hear about it! Get Inspired!
  • 20 Questions to Make Meaningful ConnectionsFocus on how you can start an engaging conversation
    I spent most of my day at a Women’s In Business networking event and I threw one woman off when I asked, "What do you love to do?" She said, "Wow, most people ask me what do I do for a living". Once she thought about it for a few minutes, she got on a roll and I loved seeing her light up when she talked about it. It’s a nice way to make a connection and even better when following up. Here’s a list of more questions for your back pocket. Get Inspired!
  • Bill Gates, Warren Buffett And Oprah All Use The 5-Hour Rule"The busiest, most successful people in the world find at least an hour to learn EVERYDAY". Read, Reflect, Experiment. 1 hour a day is definitely doable! What would you like to spend an hour today learning? For me? I’d say sassy sales skills. Listen now! 
  • Cultivate Your Voice 3 week workshopDo you have a bigger mission, but are held back by fear? Join VitaminR presents: Amplify Your Voice Series for hands-on small group program designed to empower you to amplify your message with confidence in person and in the media. led by PR veteran Marcy Clark and Career Transition & Fulfillment Coach Kori Burkholder. Program starts March 28, April 7, April 11th at CoLab-Factory from 6:30-9:30. Early bird special: $295 until 3/21 and $350 afterwards.
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