Channeling Fearlessness

August is my birthday month and I always try to do something fabulous!

This year, I wanted to push the limits of my comfort zone and learn how to surf.

I was a bit fearful, as big waves scare me and  tend to toss me around like a rag doll.

And trying to get in and out gracefully with the bathing suit intact? Forget about it!

I decided to turn that voice off and tune into my bright-eyed, eager, fearless inner child.

I intently listened to my instructor’s directions, did a few "pop ups" on land and was ready to go.

With my fearless inner child in charge, I grabbed the surfboard and submerged myself into the water.

As I was waiting for my first  wave, I could feel my body shaking. Was it nerves, fear, Adrenalin, excitement?

I decided Adrenalin and excitement.

Then I heard my instructor say, "ready!?" and I felt him push my board and say, "POP UP!"

I got up on my first try and rode the wave all the way in! It was so much fun! And then I did it again and again.  

I did get tossed around like a rag doll trying to get back out beyond the break. Waves crashing over me and pulling me back to shore, water up my nose, etc. I got so frustrated and mad.

But, this time I had new found motivation. I wanted to get back out there to try it again, to anticipate the next wave, to be in tune with the ocean so that I could recognize, align and seize an opportunity to "POP UP" again on a wave and ride it all the way in.

I see now how this could be a metaphor for life, right? I think it is!

Where’s fear holding you back from diving into your life?  

What little step can you take in this moment to move beyond the break?


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