5 Steps To Get Unstuck and Find More Purpose In Your Career

I work with many early-career professionals who’ve been in the same job for years and feel unfulfilled and stuck. 

It’s a common complaint that sits on the surface. 

When I dig deeper and ask what difference they’re making in their job, many don’t know or can’t see or haven’t thought about it.

Finding purpose in the work you do every day is one of the keys to finding happiness in work and life.  

I had a conversation recently with someone working in high luxury jewelry who said he "just fell into" many years ago. 

At first, it was an exciting opportunity, and checked a lot of boxes. He helped rebuild the company after bankruptcy, he was jet-setting to various places around the world and earning a high salary, but eventually, the shine wore off.  

He realized that selling jewelry to the top 1% left him feeling empty. The environment, industry, and team had become toxic. 

The impact it’s having on him now is high stress and constant worry. This often it bleeds into his weekend because he’s always tied to his phone, which affects his family time. 

He finally awoke to a desire to make a career change. He wants to figure out how to use his skills, strengths, and experience to make a difference where it really matters. 

The problem is he’s confused about his next career step. He’s dealing with mental roadblocks and confidence issues. He looks on job boards, but can’t find anything that fires him up, so he starts applying for similar jobs, but he gets very few responses. He’s stuck.

It’s easy to get stuck in the groove of firing off resumes to get out of one bad situation. It’s sometimes easier to stay. And before you know it, years go by and you are still stuck in the same mental loops.  Does this sound too familiar?

Before blasting off resumes, take a step back, dig a little deeper, and think about what it is you really want in your future. 

  1. Think about the bigger impact you’d like to make through your work. Would it be to work with an animal rescue to find homes for stays or align with an ad agency who focuses on social causes or a health tech start-up saving lives?
  2. Know your top 3 favorite skills and how you can apply those into other industries and job roles.
  3. Dig into your past professional experience and figure out how your experience sets you apart from other professionals in the workforce.
  4. Come up with a list of 5 dream companies, nonprofits, and causes where you’d like to apply your skills and experience. Find them on Linkedin, look for opportunities and start making connections.
  5. Watch this free Masterclass "How To Land A Dream Job With Purpose Even If Your Soul-Sucking Job Eats Up Your Monday Through Friday".

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