Facebook Round-Up: Career Inspiration, Tips and a Few Laughs

Facebook Round-Up: Career Inspiration, Tips and a Few Laughs

Over the last several days, I’ve posted articles to inspire your career. I often think of my career as a friend, a soulmate and sometimes it needs to feel a little inspiration, a laugh or maybe even some advice.

This week:

  • My Quarter-Life Career Crisis Didn’t Kill Me—It Taught Me How To Pivot: Whether you are 25 or 45, making a career transition takes thoughtful planning and a bit of risk. Here’s some wise words from a millennial who has career jumped around successfully. Utilize your hard skills, pick up new skills and network so you’ll be setting yourself up for success in your next adventure. Get Inspired!
  • How to Successfully Make a Career Change Without Losing Your Mind: When my clients find me, most are at the end of the rope in their current career situation and want a change right away. The thing with making a big change is that it takes time to plan, maybe acquire some new skills, meet people in that particular industry and even save money for the in between stages depending on what your switching into. Here are some tips to keep in mind. Get Inspired!
  • Work it: 6 Daily Mantras Every Career Girl Should Swear By: I just got back from a Yoga weekend retreat in Woodstock, NY and one of the things we practiced to create a positive mindset was the use and creation of mantras. Here’s a unique spin on mantras specifically for your career. Which ones resonate with you? Get Inspired!
  • Changing Careers? Here’s How to Market Yourself In Any Industry: Some really great points here if you are thinking of transitioning into a brand new industry. First things first: take stock of your strengths and then figure out your transferable skills. Read more for some good advice here. Or come talk to me and we can create a customized plan to get you from A to B. Get Inspired!

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