Facebook Round Up: networking wingman, confident public speaking, making a change at any age

Facebook Round-Up: Career inspiration, networking wingman, confident public speaking in any situation, and making a change at any age

This week I found some inspiring articles about shifting into a new career that inspires you. First, it’s finding out what that is, then making the decision and, of course, the many steps. What new skills do you need? I find honing in on your presentation, and public speaking skills is a necessity. Be confident when talking about yourself, your message, your mission, and your goals in any situation. If you haven’t honed that skill yet, think about asking a friend to be your networking buddy or wingman where "I talk about you, and you talk about me." Or think about taking a public speaking class. Here’s a round-up of what you may have missed on Kori Burkholder: Career Transition Coach Facebook page, plus a special discount to an upcoming VitaminR public speaking and PR course.

This week:

  • What makes you come alive? | Sean Aiken | TEDxVancouver I’ve been a serial passion chaser my entire career. I’ve followed it where ever it’s taken me up to this point. I switched and reinvented many times over, which has inspired me to become a career transition and fulfillment coach. I believe it’s possible to make a living at what inspires you, and that’s the stand I take for my clients. Get Inspired!
  • Own Your Voice – Cultivate the Confidence to Inspire Wrap UpThe audience feedback after Tuesday night’s panel Own Your Voice: Cultivating the Confidence to Inspire was immense. Many felt inspired and moved by all 6 ChangeMakers, Regina Huber, Anita TeresaJim ClarkVeronica CabezasJohanna Miller, and Ann Marie Cushing. They shared their stories, insights, and tips regarding public speaking. They each had to overcome fears and insecurities because of their bigger mission. Do you have a bigger mission but are held back by fear? Join VitaminR presents: Amplify Your Voice Series for a hands-on small group program designed to empower you to amplify your message confidently in person and in the media. led by PR veteran Marcy Clark and Career Transition & Fulfillment Coach Kori Burkholder. The program starts on March 28, 7, and April 11th at CoLab-Factory from 6:30-9:30. Sign up for the early bird special: $295 until March 8th and $350 afterward.
  • The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Career Involves A Wingman: I love the idea of a networking wingman. How often do you go to networking events and fumble around with what you have to say about yourself, especially during a career transition? Find a buddy and try this at your next event: I brag about you, you brag about me. It works. Get Inspired!
  • 11 Powerful Ways Anyone Can Turn Their Life Around–at Any Age: I was stuck in the "I don’t know’s" for a few years. Perhaps it was fear of the unknown or being addicted to a routine and safety. Not until I shifted my mindset and took a risk then things start to move again. Is there something you want to change but are afraid of? Here’s some inspiration for you.  Get Inspired!

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