Feeling Powerless At Work? 3 Steps To Regain Your Power Back

Where are you feeling a loss of power in your job?

What actions can you take to get what you need?

One of my clients recently came to a session stressed out. She’s been working in advertising for the last few years and has been working herself to the bone. She comes off as confident, but she’s riddled with anxiety on the inside.

Her anxiety is her motivator. She is recognized by upper management for her talent and hard work. Still, she is thrown new tasks, projects, and responsibilities regularly, which fuels her anxiety even more.

The problem is that her salary and job title don’t reflect these new responsibilities, and she isn’t getting the type of mentorship support she needs to grow into the new role truly. She’s stressed most days which bleeds into her weekends. She feels like she’s being taken advantage of.

Last year, she interviewed and got a job offer with a title increase and a big salary jump at another advertising company. She brought the offer back to her direct boss to negotiate a raise and a promotion. However, her boss wanted her to stay and promised her she could match it. As a result, she was happy to give up the other offer and stay put.

Weeks and months went by, and the company kept putting it off until the pandemic hit. Soon after, the company made a blanket statement to all employees that there would be no raises in the foreseeable future.

Her job continues to be high-stress. They keep piling on more responsibility (whether she likes it or not), and she is left to her own devices and resourcefulness to figure it out.

I asked her what the cost was to the company. Time? Money? She thought about it and said, "there is no cost to the company. The cost is on me! I wake up stressed every day. I don’t have time for my friends and fun in my life. I’m on call all weekend, and I work on Sunday".

I told her that this is a BIG professional growth opportunity to stand up for herself, ask for what she deserves, and not be deterred because of outside circumstances, like a pandemic.

As I write this, we are busy dissecting her role and finding every single career success story she’s ever had at the company. We’re adding numbers and percentages, money and time saved, money earned, client satisfaction, etc. (It's essential to get into the habit of quantifying your tasks at work for times like this and for when an interview comes for that dream role). 

Then we will compare her job when she started three years ago and what it is now to show the difference on paper.

Once we have these materials, she will see her worth, which will give her confidence to go into the meeting with her boss and present her case for a raise and promotion.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, think about where you feel a loss of power in your job. Where are there growth opportunities for you to take action to get what you need?

Here are 3 steps to regain your power back:

  1. First, get clear on what you need.
  2. Prepare to make the ask: Get your materials together. Build the case and your confidence.  
  3. Set up the meeting: Ask.

If you don’t ask, you won’t receive it!

If you ask and don’t receive, it’s probably time to move on.

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