Get through sticky situations with a positive mindset

Getting through sticky situations with a positive mindset

I love helping clients shift from a negative mindset into a more positive mindset. It’s not easy, as it does require practice, dedication and patience.

My own practice kicked into high gear on a recent family trip to Canada.

The trip had been planned for over a year.

When we got to the airport we quickly learned Dad had the wrong kind of passport (by land and sea ONLY, not by air).

My stomach dropped. I felt the panic and I could see the panic in my family’s eyes.


We had to think, quick!

We decided Mom and Kyle would continue on while my Dad and I stayed back to try and get an emergency passport.

Luckily, Delta found us a flight later in the day, so we headed into the city to see if we could get an emergency passport.

My Dad suffers from severe anxiety, so I knew I had to be the one to stay calm. I adjusted my mindset from panic to calm and came up with an affirmation, "each step of the way is easy and effortless".

I shared it with my Dad and it became our motto for the day:

How long will this line take at the Passport office?
"each step of the way is easy and effortless"

Oh no! We need a passport picture!
"each step of the way is easy and effortless"

Where do we go for that?
"each step of the way is easy and effortless"

How long will it take to get the actual passport?!
"each step of the way is easy and effortless"

They tell us, "Go to lunch! This will take awhile.
"each step of the way is easy and effortless"

We found a nice place for lunch and talked calmly, affirming that when we get back to the agency Dad’s passport will be ready.

And when we got back from lunch, BOOM! The passport was ready earlier than expected and we were back at the airport in plenty of time to lounge in a Lounge.

Nine hours past our initial landing time, we finally made it to Canada to be reunited with the other half.

Under these circumstances, the process could have been a nightmare! But, it was as easy and effortless as it could be because of the mindset (calm) and the affirmation ("each step of the way is easy and effortless") we chose to choose.

A positive mindset is a deliberate choice and needs practice, dedication and patience and utilizing it in everyday situations.

And I have to thank my Dad for giving me the opportunity to be reminded of just that.

What mindset are you choosing today?

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