How Passion Projects Help To Land Dream Careers

Having a passion project is fuel for the soul. There are so many benefits to having a passion project like fulfillment, using it as a stepping stone to get to the next level of your career, using it as a networking tool, and even starting your own business. Learn how some of these students of the Purpose Driven Career program utilized their passion to drive their next move. 

Have you been thinking about starting a passion project or a side hustle, but feel too exhausted at the end of the day to even take that thought seriously? 


You are not alone!


A few clients I've worked with over this past year felt the same exact way.


Cynthia was working for a company she loved, but in a job, she didn’t like very much. She was working in customer service, having to meet unreasonable daily quotas, and working crazy hours.


Outside of work she had a passion and talent as a makeup artist and a vision to start an Influencer Networking Community with friends who were pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors while working full time. 


But at the end of the day, she was too exhausted to focus on any of them! No energy and no time. Until she started setting boundaries at work and in her personal life so she could "create time" to devote to her passion projects and side hustle. 


A few months later, Cynthia was taking on new make-up clients (and making money!), started her Influencer Networking Group, which was a strong talking point in an interview that helped her beat out her competition for a promotion in her target department within her company! 


The women listed below were also feeling unsatisfied and antsy in their jobs, knowing something was stirring within them but didn't give themselves the permission to pursue it. That is, until...they did. I hope that these women's stories will inspire you!


  • Cynthia started her own Influencer community, launched her own makeup business, and with her newfound confidence went after an internal role at her company and secured a 20% raise. 
  • Breana started her own cooking channel on Youtube because she was pursuing a career revolving around her She landed a dream role in her dream company and negotiated a 23% increase in salary and title raise.
  • Jessica is a very successful entrepreneur, wrote 2 novels within 6 months, and now calls herself a published novelist (a childhood dream)!
  • Katelyn became sober and wanted to find sober events around NYC, so she started her own SoberNYC group and is now opening up a refill store in New York City.
  • Stephanie signed up for a year-long health coaching certification because she wants to help people with their health and wellness. She landed her dream job with a higher salary at a start-up in the wellness industry which aligns with her bigger vision of starting her own wellness business within the next 5 years. 


These women feel more confident in their abilities at work, they have created leadership opportunities for themselves, they have picked up new skills for their next career move. Some secured interviews or new jobs, promotions and are making money. The cherry on top is that they are having fun.


Pursuing your passions will fill your cup up with joy and give you more purpose so that when you do go to work you will feel more fulfilled, well-rounded and balanced. 


Do you have a side hustle or passion project that has been on your mind? 


What's stopping you from taking it on? Is it a lack of time, energy, focus, money, motivation?


Or if you have taken it on, post it in the Purpose Driven Facebook group and inspire our community. Share with us what you had to overcome to take it on and what are the benefits you are reaping now because of it? 


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