How Self Reflection Can Create More Confidence and Inspiration During a Career Transition

How Self Reflection Can Create More Confidence and Inspiration During a Career Transition


Are you currently wanting to pursue a new career path, but not feeling confident in yourself or is your future career vision unclear?

The first step towards gaining clarity in the career puzzle is taking some time to reflect on your career journey so far so you can fully appreciate and learn from the up’s and down’s.

To start career reflecting you can yourself questions like:

  • What were the qualities within me that drove me forward during the stressful times?
  • When was a time I "failed", but got right back up again? What qualities were within me that keep me going? What motivated me?
  • What were some big wins that I achieved at work that made me feel confident in my abilities?

Take some time to look at each life and career transition under a microscope and try to understand the lessons learned from lows and highs, the failures, successes and wins. If you  don’t take time to do this before you make a change, you will:

– risk making the wrong career choice again, running from one bad situation into another.

– not fully appreciate all that you’ve accomplished and miss the opportunity to gain insight and confidence in yourself, your skills, strengths and natural abilities.

– be less able to evaluate new opportunities if you don’t understand how you reacted to past opportunities.

– be less likely to develop your career in the way you want to, especially if you don’t understand the experience you have had and what you’ve learned about what you like and don’t like.

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